THEATRE BY THE BAY, Bayside is urgently seeking additional cast for HAIRSPRAY (March 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20).
Two (2) female dancers who can sing well (ages 16 – 25) & One (1) male dancer who can sing well (ages 16 – 25) for roles as high school students   
To schedule an audition contact Ovi Vargas, Director/Choreographer: 917-592-9056 e-mail: ovivargas123@gmail.com
For info about the Theatre By The Bay, visit www.theatrebythebayny.com 

(in some semblance of chronological order followed by ongoing recruitment/undated calls & technical opportunities)

Director Bob Maletta is auditions for the Derek Benfield comedy, Bedside Manners, at the Clare Rose Playhouse on the campus of St. Joseph's college in Patchogue on Mon and Tues, Feb 15 and 16 at 7pm. Be prepared to read from the script. Show dates: April 22 - May 8.  About two married couples cheating with each other's spouses when they happen to end up in the same hotel. Throw in a beleaguered desk clerk trying to keep them from running into each other and it makes for a very funny evening. 
The roles:
Geoff: Husband of Sally. Early 30s. Has an appealing innocence, not very self assured.
Sally: Wife of Geoff. Early 30s. Attractive and very self assured.
Helen: Wife of Roger. Late 30s-early 40s. Can be quite clumsy and apprehensive.
Ferris: Poor desk clerk. Late 20s-40s. Harried, somewhat aloof at first. He definitely gets a workout shuffling between the rooms and couples.
Roger has been cast.

Lantern Theatre auditions for Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys and The Lyons by Nicky Silver at 7:30PM, Mon, Feb 15 & Wed, Feb 17 at Congregation B'nai Israel, 91 N Bayview Ave, N Freeport. For info, call Anne at 516-279-8657.
The Sunshine Boys
Ben Silverman (30's-40's) - Willie's nephew and agent. Very caring and respectful of his uncle. A practical, hard-working family man who lacks his uncle's sense of comedy.
Burlesque Nurse (20's-40's) - Sexy, blonde and curvy. (Can wear blonde wig.) Character's purpose is to be the object of lewd sexual jokes.
Registered Nurse (30's -60's)- A mature woman, preferably black, Hispanic, or Irish sounding. Savvy and practical, she enjoys caring for Willie and has the ability to break through his crusty exterior.
Patient (any age) - An actor playing the role of a patient in burlesque skit. He can be overacted and come across as a hypochondriac.
Production assistant (20's-40's) - Can be male or female. TV station employee who has to help get production ready for broadcast.
TV Director - He is only heard giving directions and dealing with problems in rehearsal. He never appears on stage.
The roles of Willie Clark and Al Lewis have already been cast.
The Lyons
Ben Lyons - a dying man, although he is at the end of his life, he is not without energy, late seventies.
Rita Lyons - his wife, late 50's to early seventies. Very strong personality. Must have excellent comic timing.
Lisa Lyons - their daughter, a recovering alcoholic who has just ended an abusive marriage, late thirties to early 40's
Curtis Lyons - their son, a homosexual in his late 20's to early 30's who has little to do with his father who is homophobic
A Nurse - 30's - 50's, a no nonsense woman who has little patience for this family
Brian - a very attractive young real estate broker in his 20's or 30's who is not exactly what he seems
This play is hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.

Second Stage Productions auditions for Tarzan on Feb 16 & 17 at the Backstage Theatre in Merrick. Show dates are April 1-17. All roles are open. Also needed are actors, ages 7-13, to play the roles of young Tarzan and young Terk.   Auditions by appt only. Email Brian at showauditions@2ndstageproductions.com for an appt and more info. Check our website for further info 2ndstageproductions.com

CK Productions Inc., 401 Main St, Islip, 917.472.9442 www.ckproductionsnewyork.com auditions for CLYBOURNE PARK on Feb 16 from 7:30-10pm (videos are accepted until 10pm that night) Prepare a 2-3 min monologue. CALLBACKS: Feb 17 from 7:30-10pm.  SHOW DATES: March 24 @ 7pm, March 25 & 26 @ 8pm, April 1 & 2 @ 8pm, April 3 @ 2pm. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or cannot make auditions/callbacks but are still interested, contact ckmainstage@gmail.com
SUMMARY: A white community in 1950’s Chicago frets about the African American family about to move in. In Act II, we fast-forward to present day, where the same house represents a very different demographic.
Directors: Ethan Felizzari & Brendan Noble
Asst Director: Christina Fink
Stage Manager: Josh Beiling
Producer: Ethan Felizzari
Costume Design: Sydnee LaBuda
Lighting Design: Larry Saperstein & Rodrigo Escalante
Sound Design: Joey Valenti
Scenic Design: Rodrigo Escalante
Seeking (all roles available):
RUSS / DAN (Male, Caucasian, late 40s):In Act I (1958): Russ, a man who is unable to get over the loss of his son and is moving out of the house in which his son committed suicide. In Act II (2008): Dan: Workman beginning the renovations for the home’s new owners.
BEV / CATHY (Caucasian woman, 40s):In Act I (1958): Bev. Married to Russ. Cheerful woman who wants to help her husband overcome his grief for the loss of their son. In Act II (2008): Kathy: Lawyer helping the new homeowners negotiate a petition brought against them by the homeowners’ association concerning planned renovations for their home. 
FRANCINE / LENA (African American woman, mid 20s-30s):In Act I (1958): Francine, Russ and Bev’s housekeeper who is inadvertently pulled into a debate concerning the neighborhood and the possible change of its demographic. In Act II (2008): Lena: Determined to keep her neighborhood a historical district and prevent the new homeowners’ planned renovations.
JIM / TOM (Male, Caucasian, 20s):In Act I (1958): Jim: The local pastor. Asked by the homeowners’ association to convince Russ and Bev not to sell their home to a black family. In Act II (2008): Tom: Neighbor arguing for preserving the historical look of the community.
ALBERT / KEVIN (African American male, 20s-30s):In Act I (1958): Albert. Married to Francine. Helpful man, trying to keep himself and his wife out of the neighborhood’s argument. In Act II (2008): Kevin: Married to Lena. Defending his wife’s desire to preserve the neighborhood.
KARL / STEVE (Male, Caucasian, late 30s):In Act I (1958): Karl. Determined to preserve his neighborhood and property value by trying to stop the sale of the home to a black family. In Act II (2008): Steve: Married to Lindsey. The new homeowner who wants to renovate his new house to a larger scale than the historical single-family-home model.
BETSY / LINDSEY (Caucasian, Female, 20s): In Act I (1958): Betsy. Karl’s pregnant, deaf wife. Becomes lost in the conversation as it turns more volatile. In Act II (2008): Lindsey: Steve’s pregnant wife. Hearing. Fighting to understand why the community is against her renovations and to convince them otherwise.
KENNETH (Caucasian, Male 16-late 20s) Seen throughout the entire show. Not actually alive. Son of Russ & Bev. Has the final scene in Act Two.

Second Stage Productions is casting 2 men & 1 woman ages 18 - 20's  for its production of This is Our Youth on Sat, Feb 20 at the Backstage Theatre, Merrick.  All roles open Auditions by appt only. Email Brian at showauditions@2ndstageproductions.com for appt and more info. Check our website for further info 2ndstageproductions.

The Bayswater Players audition for Peter Pan on Feb 21 from 3-6pm & Feb 22 from 7-10pm. Call Backs are Feb 28 from 3-6pm.  Be prepared to dance. Prepare 16 bar musical piece to sing. Contact Michael for more info at 7182089687. Visit us on the web at thebayswaterplayers.org and "like" us on Facebook facebook.com/thebayswaterplayers. All roles open.
Peter Pan: Age 16-25 Vocal range: Tenor/Alto Eb2 - C4 the clever, adventurous, and confident leader of the Lost Boys. While at times he is boastful and self-centered, there is a side of Peter that is caring and joyous. His desire to stay a child forever allows him to continue his adventures unburdened by the realities of growing up. He is the embodiment of youthful naïveté. His relationship with Wendy, however, forces him to grapple with emotions he never anticipated. The actor playing this role must be able to convey the complexity of the character and command the stage. The show rests on Peter’s shoulders, and the actor must be able to handle the demands and pressure of such a role. The actor must be an excellent singer, an agile mover, and unafraid of flying. 
Wendy Darling: Age 16-25 Vocal range: Soprano A3 - D5 On the verge of adolescence, Wendy is conflicted by her desire to grow up and her fears about the unknown aspects of adulthood. She is a very pleasant and charming girl who takes on the role of “mother” to the Lost Boys. Meeting Peter awakens romantic feelings within her and she is forced to reconcile the various facets of her emerging womanhood. Wendy must be a strong singer and actress who is not afraid of flying.
John Napoleon Darling: Age: 11-14 Vocal range: Tenor A2 - D4 the loyal, bookish middle child of the Darling family. He has always dreamed of being in a big adventure. Must be a good mover and be comfortable flying. 
Michael Darling: Age: 6-9 Vocal range: Tenor A2 - D4 The youngest Darling child. He is a sweet, bubbly, and likeable boy who is full of fun. Must be a good mover and be comfortable flying. Vocal Range: Tenor
Mrs. Darling: Age: 25 to 45 Vocal range: Soprano D4 - C5 graceful, warm, and motherly – exactly what one would presume Wendy’s mother to be. Mrs. Darling is a featured role with solo singing. The actor must have a maternal presence and a beautiful singing voice. Mrs. Darling may be doubled as a Neverland animal and/or an Indian. 
Mr. Darling: Age: 30 to 50 Vocal range: C3 - E4 A stern and unimaginative but loving father. This role is a wonderful opportunity for a featured acting role with no singing ability required. This role may be doubled as a pirate. 
Captain Hook: Age: 30 to 50
Vocal: Baritone C#3 - F#4 Outwardly, Hook is a classic villain. However, underneath this delightfully evil exterior lies a weak, washed up coward who hides behind an unemotional and controlling façade. Hook is Peter’s nemesis and detests Peter’s confidence and natural charisma. The actor playing Hook must be a strong singer and character actor. Additionally, he must be fit and have the ability to master stage combat. Vocal Range: Baritone
Smee: Age: 28 to 48 Vocal range: Baritone/Tenor D3 - F#4 Captain Hook’s right hand man. He is a jovial, simple, and loveable sidekick. He is a comedic character in direct contrast to Hook in appearance and physical stature. Must be able to move. 
Tiger Lily: Age: 14 to 24 Vocal range: Mezzo Ab3 - C5 must be able to dance - The beautiful princess of the Indian tribe. Tiger Lily is brave, “coquettish, cold, and amorous by turns.” She must possess a sensuality that stands in contrast to Wendy’s sweet demeanor. Strong dance ability required. 
Ensemble: Indians, Pirates Adult Ensemble, The Lost Boys; Children's Ensemble

Bay Street Theater & Sag Harbor Center for the Arts auditions singers for Concerts on Sat, Feb 27 from 11am-2pm BY APPT. Email John Sullivan at John@Baystreet.org. No phone calls. Seeking:
Female/Male vocalists to sing in the style of Grace Slick & Marty Balin for 30 minute set featuring Jefferson Airplane's greatest hits backed by full band. Come prepared to sing White Rabbit & Somebody to Love. 
Female vocalist to sing in the style of Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington, Julie London, Keely Smith, etc. 
Male Vocalist to sing in the style of Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, louis Prima, Lou Rawls, etc. 
To be backed by full "Big" Band for an evening of late 50's & early 60's music. Come prepared with a genre and era appropriate piece.

Bare Bones Theater Company, 57 Main Street, Northport auditions for Superior Donuts by Tracy Letts on Sun, Feb 28 from 1-5PM & Mon, Feb 29 from 8:30-10PM. Callbacks Sun, March 6 from 9:30-11:30AM. Directed by Jeff Bennett. Associate Director Christopher Tully. Seeking seven men and two women. All roles are open. No prior affiliation with Bare Bones is required. Rehearsals will begin on Wed, March 9 and will be scheduled weekday eves and some Suns. Bring a headshot and resume. Actors cast must be available for all performances: May 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22 at 8PM; May 15, 22 at 3PM.
MAX: Male, late 40's, Russian immigrant and large man. A video store owner who came to Chicago to pursue the American dream. He is driven, hard-working, larger than life, with a strong sense of right and wrong. Max speaks with a Russian accent. Familiarity with and/or an ability to speak Russian is a plus. 
RANDY: Female, 50's, Chicago Police Officer. Randy, of Irish ancestry, is the middle child of seven brothers, and a big sports fan. She is the senior officer in the partnership with James, and is attracted to Arthur. 
JAMES: Male, 20's - 30's, Chicago Police Officer, African-American. James is the junior officer in his partnership with Randy. He tries hard to be a good, efficient cop, but doesn't have Randy's experience. He is also a HUGE Star Trek fan.
LADY BOYLE: Female, 40 and up, homeless. Lady has a sweet disposition but is a little unconventional. She is a recovering alcoholic who has suffered many trials in her life, including the loss of three of her four children. Yet, she often (unwittingly) offers sage advice.
ARTHUR: Male, about 50, Polish ancestry. Arthur, the owner of the Superior Donuts shop in uptown Chicago, has spent his life evading -- the draft, hope, his estranged wife, and 19 year old daughter. A child of the 60's, time has not changed him much.
FRANCO: Male, 20 -30 years old, African-American. Franco is energetic, intrepid, a big thinker, wise beyond his years, and a smart-ass. He lands a job at Superior Donuts because he needs some money, but ends up with much more.
KEVIN: Male, 20's - 30's. Kevin is the muscle for Luther. He thinks he's tough. He thinks he's funny. A quirky personality could work here.
LUTHER: Male, 40's, Irish ancestry. Luther has connections with a certain well-known family, and he oversees some of the gambling/bookie operations.
KIRIL: Male, 20's, a very recent Russian immigrant with limited English skills. Kiril is physically impressive and mostly speaks Russian.
All readings are from the Dramatists Play Service edition.
For MAX pp. 28 - 30.
For LADY p. 15.
For RANDY pp. 13-14.
For JAMES pp. 46-48
For ARTHUR pp. 17-21; 41-43.
For FRANCO pp. 17-21; 41-43
For LUTHER pp. 36-39
For KEVIN pp. 36-39

Playcrafters Theatre Company auditions for Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knotts at 7pm on Mon, Feb 29 and Tues, March 1. Call Backs: Thurs, March 3 at Boys & Girls Club of Bellport, 471 Atlantic Ave, Bellport. Directed by Christopher Fretto. Performance Dates: May 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22. Be prepared read from sides. For further info, contact Christopher Fretto at cfire23422@yahoo.com. Audition applications and directions at www.Bellport-Playcrafters.com.
THE STORY: A sinister con man, Harry Roat, and two ex-convicts, Mike and Carlino, are about to meet their match. They have traced the location of a mysterious doll, which they are much interested in, to the Greenwich Village apartment of Sam Hendrix and his blind wife, Susy. Sam had apparently been persuaded by a strange woman to transport the doll across the Canadian border, not knowing that sewn inside were several grams of heroin. When the woman is murdered the situation becomes more urgent. The con man and his ex-convicts, through a cleverly constructed deception, convince Susy that the police have implicated Sam in the woman's murder, and the doll, which she believes is the key to his innocence, is evidence. She refuses to reveal its location, and with the help of a young neighbor, figures out she is the victim of a bizarre charade. Susy knows the only way to play fair is by her rules, so when darkness falls she turns off all the lights leaving both of them to maneuver in the dark until the game ends. 
Character Breakdown:
Susy Hendrix (F) 25-40
Mike Talman (M) 30-55
Sgt. Carlino (M) 30-55
Sam Hendrix (M) 25-45
Harry Roat (M) 25-50
Gloria (F) 11-13 2 
Police officers (M/F) 20-50

Theatre by the Bay auditions for its Broadway Revue Salute to the Tonys (not your typical revue) on MARCH 14, 15, 16 7- 10PM. Prepare (clearly marked) 16-32 bar cut of a classic or contemporary Broadway show tune. Accompanist provided. Bring appropriate shoes for dance and a change of clothing. Bay Terrace Garden Jewish Center, 16-00 209th St, Bayside 11360 Phone #: 718-217-1629. PERFORMS Sun: July 10 &y 17 - 2pm & 7pm.  Seeking: 
Strong female dancers who sing
Strong male singers who dance
Strongly seeking Dream Girls cast for sequence and other numbers as well as Cinderella and Prince Charming for sequence and other numbers.
Effie - 25 -35 strong soulful gospel belt 
Curtis - 25-35 strong belt
C.C. - 25-30 strong belt
Lorrell - mezzo/belt
Deana- 25-30 belt 
Cinderella - age 20-30
Prince Charming - age 20-30

starting with the most recently received)

Actress (20-40 years old) needed for a murder mystery dinner theatre show on April 23. This is a paid gig for Murder For You theatre group. The show will take place at Sergio's in Massapequa.  More work may be available in the future. Contact jhweisz@gmail.com ASAP if you are interested. 

Plaza Theatrical Productions, Inc. is casting the roles of Lancelot and Mordred as well as supporting/ensemble roles in Camelot. Rehearsals will begin the week of March 14. Performance run is April 15 - June 12 (approx 20 performances including 3 Wed matinees). No performances Passover and Memorial Day weekends.  Per performance stipend.  For audition appt, call (516) 599-6870 or e-mail plazatheatrical@aol.com

The Textile Company, an emerging LI/NYC theater company, is looking for singers and actors to perform in Financial Follies, a musical revue featuring song parodies involving politics and the economy in the vein of Forbidden Broadway. We are aiming to get this project off the ground as soon as possible. If interested, contact Claude Solnik at csolnic@optonline.net or Robert Poole at turtlerjp@aol.com

ISLAND HILLS CHORUS: rehearsals held at the I.B.E.W./Local 25 Hall, 370 Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy, Hauppauge 11788. Our chorus sings a cappella women's barbershop arranged in four parts: tenor, lead, baritone, bass. Chartered in 1964 as part of Sweet Adelines International we strive for excellence in singing while also being a group of fun-loving, humorous women. We love performing and our song repertoire is varied. So, come in from winter's chill, get energized and find a whole new interest. Our rehearsals are usually held Wed 7:30-10:30pm.  If interested, call 631-261-6747 or email: magsong65@gmail.com for more details. Visit our website:www.islandhillschorus.org

Ward Melville Heritage Organization is casting for their Living History Productions. Actors are encouraged to audition for a wide range of roles. Our productions encompass dramatic programs, musical comedy presentations and more. Our Signature Series are original stage productions depicting the lives of American Icons such as Bob Hope, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. Rehearses and performances Spring and Summer on LI. Production Categories: Musicals, Theater, Cabaret & Variety. Send headshot and resume to auditionny@gmail.com. In your cover letter, note your availability from April – Sept. Auditions by Appt Only.  If you sing, be prepared with a standard or Broadway song. For more info, call 631-654-1888. Auditions held in Stony Brook at the WMHO Educational and Cultural Center.

Sam’s Story: An Original Film (Currently Casting for Trailer) - Must be available for up to 3 days of shooting, may or may not be consecutive. Film experience preferred but not required. Non-Equity. Pay TBD. We are planning to shoot in April for the Trailer, which will be used to generate funds for the short film. Must be available for end of 2016 shoot for short film. Email headshot and resume to info@whatsuplove.com.
Synopsis: Dylan is feeling conflicted about his life and problems with his father, his mother takes him on a trip to clear his head. They arrive at a seemingly peaceful campground where Dylan will start to uncover himself. He meets a young man named Sam whom he falls in love with almost instantly. Sam has his own discovery of his sexuality and his problems with his family. Dylan and Sam have the most beautiful cliché romantic love. The mustache is furiously committed to curing Sam of being gay. Sam spends his time at the local diner where Darla waitresses. Sam and Darla have a supportive but veiled relationship. Darla struggles with taking care of Lee a bitter Vietnam veteran. She feels like she is being held back from following her artistic dreams in Europe. Sam’s story is the possibility of love for a community in hiding. It inspires freedom and self-expression; to follow our dreams and complete the relationships of the past.
SAM: 22-28 Muscular/athletic Life Guard type, 5’9” – 5’11” Brown hair, green eyes preferred or hazel/brown. Hiding his homosexuality.
MOM: 45-54, 5’6”-5’10” Brown curly or wavy hair. Typical Mom. Concerned and Nurturing. Not always getting things but doing the best she can.
MUSTACHE: 40-55 Thin, skinny, 5’8”-6’1”, Thick black hair, thick eye brows, Mustache. Dark Eyes. Disgruntled, misled and certainly not in favor of gay marriage. 
DARLA: 20-28, 5’6” – 5’10” Dirty blond or light brown hair, energetic, cautious and spiritual. Waitress type. Struggling artist trying to get out. 
DARLA’S DAD: 60-70 grey hair and balding, Vietnam vet in wheelchair. Disgusted with life and he is a pain in the balls. 

Actors wanted, male & female, daytime availability, for local plays on Long Island. Bloch Party Productionscall 631-673-7071 or email mb35@optonline.net

Greater Nassau Chorus, First United Methodist Church of Baldwin, 881 Merrick Rd, Baldwin
GNC is an award-winning barbershop a cappella chorus of 65 women, currently ranked 9th in the world after competing at the Sweet Adelines International Competition in Las Vegas. If you love to sing, have a great ear for harmony, and yearn to be part of something bigger than yourself, then GNC is inviting you to join our journey. Auditions are open for all 4 vocal parts. We invite you to join us at a Tues rehearsal and listen as we rehearse our repertoire which runs the gamut from traditional barbershop arrangements to show tunes, contemporary music and rock. As a member, you'll also be part of our many performances outside of competitions. Past performances have included Radio City Music Hall, CBS Sunday Morning News, Bay Shore and Long Beach Street Festivals, Breast Cancer Walks and at Winthrop Hospital for breast cancer survivors. Rehearsals are held on Tues from 7-10PM at First United Methodist Church of Baldwin Sept-June and at Hofstra University in July & Aug. Although prior choral or a cappella experience is a plus it is not mandatory nor is reading music. For info, go to membership@greaternassauchorus.org or call 516-356-4853. Check us out at our website, www.greaternassauchorus.org.

Looking for one male and two female actors in their 50s-70s to appear in a single performance on Fri, Feb 26, of my play short play Early. The performance will be part of a Ten Minute Play Soiree produced by the Greenhouse Ensemble, the new company that recently staged my play God, Sex, and Getting Even. Rehearsals (only a few) and performance will be in Manhattan. There is no pay involved, but the roles are good. If you are interested, contact me at franktangredi@hotmail.com and I will put you in touch with the director.

NEW FIVE STAR MILLENNIUM ENTERTAINMENT, INC., is casting three (3) male actors (25-65) and one actress (25-50) for roles in the original play, Murder by Ambition, for Cablevision/television, channel 20, Public Access Cablevision. All roles are non-paying and offers any actor/actress tremendous exposure to showcase their acting talents. The performances for cam will be held in June and aired on Cablevision once every week from Oct-Dec. No live performances. The play will be recorded in Northport at the William J. Brosnan Building. Include resume and photo with submission/inquiry. Full script/schedule available upon request at Georgesidoti@aol.com

BroadHollow Theatre Company is casting The Pirates of Penzance ALL ROLES ARE OPEN.  Performances run 4/9 - 24 in E Islip and 4/30 - 5/15 in Elmont. Interested parties should submit a resume and headshot to bhtgroupsales@aol.com

FAME Theatrical Productions Honey's School of Dance Musical Workshop auditions for Bye Bye Birdie Telephone Hour and We Go Together (Ages 9-Adult) every Mon & Wed 6-7pm or by appt at 45 Cherry Valley Ave, W Hempstead. Call 516-225-1088 or email musicalgrl2003@gmail.com. Bring headshot and resume. Roles: Kim, Ursula, Penelope, Helen, Alice, Nancy, Margie, Teacher 


Midtown International Theatre Festival - Spring
Spring is a combination of short plays and musicals, a Variety division, the Short Play Lab, and staged readings. We're looking for any kind of short play or musical that fits the guidelines: 
 ~ 30 - 60 min long 
 ~ Easy to produce in a no-frills festival 
 ~ Any genre. (Plays using guns as props will not be considered)
~ Accepting AEA showcases 
 ~ Plays must be sent in Word Document or PDF File. Pages MUST be numbered & script must be in standard playscript format. 
 (12 pt Times Roman; character names in the middle on their own line; line spaces between speeches and stage directions; indented stage directions; 1" margins all around.)
The Festival will take place at theWorkShop Theater's Jewel Box Theater, 312 W. 36th St., 4th Fl. - NYC. 
Spring runs from March 7-27.The Short Play Lab runs Sat, March 12 - Sun, March 13.
Short plays and musicals receive 3 performances, all in the same week. Producers receive a share of the profits, if any. Shows receive a tech rehearsal equal to 2.5 times the running time of the show.
The Variety division spans cabaret, magic, improv, sketch comedy, standup, and burlesque. Acts can be solo or group affairs, so long as they fit within an hour, including setup and strike, and so long as they bring their own music director and so forth. The Festival provides a keyboard and amp. Shows receive a 1-hour tech rehearsal and a share of the profits, if any.
The Short Play Lab is just like the regular Short Play Labs throughout the year: 2 programs of about 10 short plays each (not to exceed 10 min. in length), each program performed twice. The Festival takes the door; 2 cash prizes are awarded to the most popular shows, 1 from each program. Each show receives no more than 20 min. of tech rehearsal.
For all shows, the Festival provides a theatre (The WorkShop Theater Jewel Box Theater), shared scenery (rehearsal cubes, a table, and 4 chairs), front-of-house staff, a board op (NOT a lighting designer), and a keyboard plus amp if necessary. Shows must be fully produced (off book).
In addition to the fully produced shows, there will also be staged readings on weekday afternoons. Producers wishing to present a staged reading must make sure their reading doesn't exceed 3 hours and must pay a $100 fee. The Festival doesn't provide a board op or any technical rehearsal to speak of.
To submit a project, mark it clearly "MITF: Spring," and let us know whether it is a short play or musical, a variety act, a 10-min. play, or a staged reading. We'll curate the entries as they come in, so you can start working on them as soon as possible. Send all playscripts and all Variety submissions (video reels, YouTube, etc.), to: john.chatterton@gmail.co
Submission Deadline For Short Subjects Feb 22
Submission Deadline For Short Play Lab and Variety Feb 27

Garden City Community Theatre seeks volunteer Stage Manager, Set Design & Backstage for Making Change at Garden City Community Church. Show dates: April 8, 9 and 10. Rehearsals begin mid-Jan. Contact Brad and Ruby Gustavson at 516-746-1061 for further info.

John W. Engeman Theater at Northport is looking to fill the following positions at LI's only year-round professional theater. Send resume to the email addresses attached to each position. No calls.
TEMPORARY SOUND SUPERVISOR (maternity leave fill)
Starting Mid May 2016. Knowledge of wireless microphones, qlab operation. Ability to to run, and program a digital console. Must have full time availability and own transportation. Opportunity for ongoing employment as available. Understand audio patching. Team player willing to help with changeovers between shows. Responsibilities include:
-Programing and operating a Yamaha M7 console
-Programing and operating QLab
-Maintaining sound system and wireless microphones
-Mixing all shows in the theater including a main stage musical, special event concerts, student productions & children’s theater. 
-working with a designer on the MainStage show and maintaining the show to their specifications.
Send Resume to jtully@engemantheater.com
Audio 2/ Assistant Audio Engineer 
Knowledge of wireless microphones, qlab operation. 
Able to to run digital console. Must have morning availability and own transportation.
Understand audio patching. Help on crew changing over from children's theater to main stage  
Send Resume to jtully@engemantheater.com
- Dressers must have prior experience in dressing a quick-change heavy show and must be able to facilitate quick changes during each performance as well as handle minor alterations and repairs, laundry, pressing and steaming of costumes. Candidates with Wig/Hair experience will be considered first. Must possess quick problem solving skills, great organizational ability and must work well in a team environment. Must be available for the entire run of shows, including all of tech week. All candidates must provide their own transportation to the theater in Northport.. Part-Time. THEATRICAL DRESSERS 
Send current resume and references to: jtully@engemantheater.com

FAME Theatrical Productions is looking for a dance teacher who specializes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, yoga and zumba. Looking for someone who has excellent dance skills, physical condition and superior choreography skills. Must have a pleasant demeanor and be a team player. Must live in Nassau or Queens and have own transportation. Experience teaching in a dance school is necessary. $15 - $30. Classes are in place and ready to teach.  
Call 516-225-1088 or email us musicalgrl2003@gmail.com

Wanted - scripts for original one act plays. If you would be interested in having them produced, notify either Bruce at hobo19@verizon.net or Norman at 1act3greene@optonline.net

CK Productions in Islip is accepting applications for the following positions:
Carpenters * Lighting Operators * Spot Operators * Scenic Painters * Prop Masters * Stage Crew
For more info or if you have questions, email CKTechnicalDirector@gmail.com

CK Productions in Islip is accepting applications for the following positions:
Musical Directors * Stage Mgrs * Asst Stage Managers * Asst Directors *  Co-directors * Co-Choreographers * Choreographers
For more info or if you have questions, email CKTechnicalDirector@gmail.com

Minstrel Players of Northport are seeking an Asst Tech DirectorHouse Manager and Stage Manager with various duties in stage construction, painting, lighting, sound, props, front-of-house and backstage. Must be available most Sun afternoons, many Mon and Tues evenings for 2 months prior to performance dates. "Handy" a plus, will train anyone willing to learn the craft. Valuable community experience - students welcome. For more info, call 516-557-1207 or visit us online at www.minstrelplayers.org

Symmetry Event Solutions is seeking General Labor/Stage hands. Seeking knowledgeable and eager personnel for full time & part time positions. Hours are typically 9-5, however due to the nature of the industry, weekend work is common and hours may flex based on the event or production we are working on.  Paid positions.  Ability to lift 50lbs, and have a clean driving record a must.  Ability to drive trucks (up to 26') a plus.  Work will include, but not limited to: packing gear based on the production, setting up lighting, sound, staging, and video equipment,painting, building, light construction (scenery elements), warehouse work preparing gear. No phone calls. If interested, e-mail: Tim@symmetryeventsolutions.com  and supply resume, available hours, salary requirement, and a brief description of your abilities

Ever wanted to be a manager or big time agent and make money from other people's work? If so, then saddle up partners! The Murder For You Players of LI are looking for any "bookies" who can get us a show date at a firehouse, church, fraternal org or almost anywhere on LI.  It's easy, too. Call Jake at 631-235-8741 anytime and ask for the details of the show. If we get the gig, you will get 10% of the fee.  The bigger the gig, the bigger your 10%!  We will play fund-raisers, private parties or corporate events.

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