Broadhollow Theater Company seeking male African American or Latino actors for various supporting and featured roles in Dream Girls Looking for men 17 and up who can sing and move well. If Interested, send headshot and resume to BHTDreamgirls@gmail.com. Looking to fill immediately. The show dates are as follows. Looking for actors who can do either or both runs. 
Bayway:Jan 2, 8, 9, 16 - 8pm, Jan 3, 10, 17 - 2:30pm & Jan 6 - 2pm
Elmont: Feb 6, 13, 26, 27 - 8pm, Feb 7, 14 - 2:30pm & Feb 10 - 2pm

The theater group of Kulanu School For Special Needs Children (in conjunction with YI of Woodmere) is seeking 3 men between the ages of 20 and 40 who can sing and dance to play brothers in our upcoming production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to benefit the school. THIS IS A PAID GIG. The performances are Dec 19, 20, 26 and 27 at the Lawrence High School in Cedarhurst. Contact Stuart Rappaport at eyerap@aol.com or Beth Raskin at braskin@kulanukids.org.  

American Theater Dance Workshop, Herricks Community Center, in association with the NOMAD Contemporary Ballet present a brand new holiday tradition, CRACKED, a fresh new cinematic story which surrounds the coming of age of Kara, Clara’s granddaughter, on the eve of her 16th birthday – it’s Christmas Eve and we join Kara on an epic journey throughout NYC to the land of sweets. We’ll meet new characters and renew our relationships with old favorites as this romantic and exciting story unfolds. Four performances over Dec 12 & 13. Looking for 2 Men for Adult Roles / Character Roles. No Singing – No Dancing Required. Rehearsal commitment of one hr per week, depending on role(s), through Mid-Dec, usually on Fri eve, Sat am or eve. Dress rehearsals on Dec 10 & 11. Call or email for info or apt: (516) 248-6420 AMERICANTHEATERDANCE@GMAIL.COM

(in some semblance of chronological order followed by ongoing recruitment/undated calls & technical opportunities)

Second Stage Productions in Merrick is casting college students for its production of Spring Awakening on Sat, Nov 28. This is a college-age-only production which will rehearse intensively for 2 weeks during winter break. Performances will be Jan 8 - 17. To audition, email Brian at springawakeningauditions@2ndstageproductions.com by Fri, Nov 27. You will receive an email with all the audition info. For more info, see our website at 2ndstageproductions.com

EastLine Productions is holding an additional casting call for the first three plays of its 2016 season on SUN, NOV 29 from 1:30-4pm at 2123 Wantagh Ave, Wantagh 11793 a few blocks south of Wantagh Ave. 
Frost/Nixon, a drama by Peter Morgan (performs Jan 15 – 24)
CAROLINE CUSHING: 35 - 37 years old; a twice-married British socialite/budding journalist who becomes Frost's girlfriend. Smart, sophisticated, friendly. She amiably interacts with Nixon and actually feels sorry for him. (The actress playing this role will also play the role of a television make-up woman in other scenes.)
ACTOR TWO: FEMALE, DARK-HAIRED, EARLY 20'S to play the roles of Australian tennis player Yvonne Goolagong, a television make-up woman, an airline stewardess, and a hotel waitress.
The Best Man, a drama by Gore Vidal (performs Feb 20 – 28)
ALICE RUSSELL (Female, 40s-early 50s) Wife of Sec. Russell, the "reluctant" Politician's wife. Putting up a good public front in an unhappy private life
MABEL CANTWELL (Female, 32-40) Wife of Sen. Cantwell. Southern Belle, loves politics, the attention, the mingling and the horse-race. A simple minded girl, but she can work any room. Southern accent required.
CATHERINE (Female, 20s) Secretary for the Russell Campaign
DON BLADES (Male, 40s) Cantwell Campaign Manager. Just as ruthless as his boss, will help him do anything to win the nomination.
Enter Laughing, a comedy adapted by Joseph Stein, based on Carl Reiner’s autobiography (performs April 1 – 10 at the theater, with an add'l private performance on April 30 at a Nassau County venue TBA).
MARVIN: David's best buddy. He is very supportive and looks up to David. They hang out a lot together as they both work in the same building. Marvin is not the brightest bulb, yet is a sensitive soul and a devoted friend. early to mid-20s.
ROGER: Miss B's well-dressed beau, who makes a comfortable living selling hardware. early to late 30s. 
DON B.: Male actor who auditions for and becomes part of the theater company. 20s-30s.
DON D.: Male actor who auditions for and becomes part of the theater company. 20s-30s.
EMMA: David's mother and Morris' wife. Her family is the most important thing in her life. She loves them dearly, but tends to express this in a worrisome, overbearing and controlling manner. late 40s to mid-50s.
MISS B: Attractive secretary, to whom David is attracted, though she happens to be Roger's fiancee. She works at a garment district firm that is a client of David's boss, Mr. Foreman. late 20s to late 30s.
Note: All actors are required to be available for ALL performances, as well as brush up rehearsals during the latter half of April.
1) Read and be familiar with the play(s) and role(s) you will be auditioning for.
2) Frost/Nixon and The Best Man: Actors MUST prepare an appropriate monologue to audition with for either or both dramatic plays, PRIOR to reading from sides, which will be provided.
3) Actors auditioning ONLY for Enter Laughing need NOT prepare a monologue in order to read from sides provided.
For info/questions, email: eastlinetheatre@gmail.com or call and leave a message at: 516-749-5047 and you will receive a prompt reply.Also visit our website at eastlineproductions.com

Second Stage Productions in Merrick is auditioning ages 17 and older for its production of Spring Awakening to be performed Jan 15 - 24.  All roles are open. Auditions are Tues, Dec 1 and Wed, Dec 2 by appt only. For an audition time and further info, email Brian at showauditions@2ndstageproductions.com. You will receive an email with your audition time and complete instructions. You can also visit our website at 2ndstageproductions.com for more info.

Second Stage Productions in Merrick is auditioning for its production of Shrek to be performed Jan 29 - Feb 13.  All roles are open. Auditions are Tues, Dec 1 and Wed, Dec 2 by appt only. For an audition time and further info, email Brian at showauditions@2ndstageproductions.com. You will receive an email with your audition time and complete instructions. You can also visit our website at 2ndstageproductions.com for more info.

Billboard Players of the Community Church of East Williston auditions for Ken Ludwig’s Moon Over Buffalo at the Parish Hall, 45 E Williston Ave (continuation of Hillside; Ave btwn High St & Roslyn Rd - entrance on High St) on Mon, Nov 30 and Thurs, Dec 3, starting at 7pm. Production dates: April 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24. Rehearsals begin Mon, Feb 1 and will continue each Mon and Thurs from 7:30-10:30 pm with a couple of Tues. If you have not auditioned for the Billboard Players previously, prepare a short monologue; you will also read a scene from the play as well. The role of George has been pre-cast; all other roles are open. Questions? 347-235-0972 or Louisvfucilo@aol.com. 

Center Stage at Southampton Cultural Center holds open auditions for Del Shores’s Sordid Lives on Mon, Nov 30 and Tues, Dec 1 promptly at 6PM in SCC’s Levitas Center for the Arts. Late arrivals will be seen at the discretion of the directors. Readings from the script. Michael Disher and Joan Lyons direct. Multiple performances are over three weekends Jan 14-31. Sordid Lives has been called a “black comedy about white trash”. As three generations of a family in a small Texas town gather for a funeral after the death of the elderly family matriarch during a clandestine meeting in a seedy motel, we learn the hilarious, sad and trashy truth of this dysfunctional family. Non-union. No pay. For further info, contact Michael Disher at mbentondisher@gmail.com or Joan Lyons at jlyons@ackermanpartners.com. Characters:
Bitsy Mae Harling- Local singer with a reputation
Ty Williamson – son of Latrelle, a closeted 20-something gay man who’s moved to Hollywood
Juanita Bartlett – Wardells’s short-term memory friend and hard smoking and drinking regular bar patron
Wardell “Bubba” Owens – GW’s friend and object of Brother Boy’s affection
G.W. Nethercott – Notela’s unfaithful husband who feels responsible for Peggy’s death
Odell Owens- Wardell’s brother who is scarred for life by a pig-bloating incident
Sissy Hickey – Petty’s younger sister who picked the wrong day to stop smoking
Notela Nethercott – Sissy’s neighbor, distraught wife of GW and best friend of LaVonda
Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram – a fan of women in country music who has been institutionalized for 23 years for being a cross-dressing gay man
Latrelle Williamson- Ty’s mother, Peggy’s daughter who is concerning primarily with keeping up appearances and is adverse to burying her mother in a mink stole in the heat of the summer
LaVonda DuPree- Peggy’s younger daughter, a free spirit and raucous best friend of Noleta 
Dr. Eve Bolinger – A psychiatrist who wants to de-homosexualize Brother Boy so she can become famous and appear on Oprah
Peggy Ingram – The recently deceased sister of Sissy Hickey and mother of Latrelle, LaVonda and Brother Boy

Theatre Box auditions for The Farnsworth Invention on Mon, Nov 30 and Thurs, Dec 3 at 8pm at the United Methodist Church (upstairs parlor), 35 Verbena Ave, Floral Park. All roles are open. Rehearsals will start 2/29 and the show dates are April 22 23 24 & 29 30 May 1. Sides will be provided, if you have a head-shot/resume, bring it to the audition. For more info, go to http://www.theatrebox.org/Auditions.html. The Farnsworth Invention by Aaron Sorkin is the true story of the man who invented television, Philo Farnsworth, and the ruthless media mogul, David Sarnoff, who steals it out from under him. The story is told through narration of events leading up to the crucial patent law suit. There are 60 speaking parts divided among 23 actors. The play has 2 acts and a very minimal set.   

SoLuna Studio, 659 Old Willets Path Hauppauge NY 11788 auditions for WILD PARTY at on Dec 1 from 5-10pm (you must call 631-761-6602 to schedule your audition time). Prepare 32 bars of a song from the show and come peprared for a dance call. Performances - March 4 - 20. Character Breakdown:
Black Strong, handsome, and poised without being posed. An enigmatic loner. Protective. No-nonsense kind of guy who cannot understand Queenie's attraction to Burrs. African-American. (25-35 yrs old /Range: F3 - G5 )
Burrs Handsome. professional clown. Dangerous and charming all at once. Sexually ravenous and drawn to Queenie like a moth to the flame. Hurts somewhere deep inside, and slowly descends into jealous insanity. (Male, 30-40 yrs old / Range: G3 - A5 )
Dolores party-goer pitching ideas and hoping to score with Sam. A wild woman of the night. (30-45 yrs old / Range: A3 - A5 )
Eddie Mae's husband who is perhaps even more dim-witted than she is. A big oaf. Can be a lovable teddy bear but also a quick tempered brute. Adores his wife. (30-45 yrs old / Range: A3 - A5 )
Kate A lush. Likes to be the "life of the party." Always looking out for number one, and is jealous of Queenie. Sexy, sensual, and confident.(20-30 yrs old / Range: F3 - E5) 
Madelaine True A tired woman with slanted eyes and a cruel mouth. An announced lesbian. Sexually hungry. Blunt and very dry. (40-55 yrs old / Range: A3 - E5 )
Mae Eddie's wife. Sweet & beautiful, not particularly bright. Adores her husband & dotes on him. (25-45 yrs old /Range: A3 - D5 )
Sam Busy producer and "attention whore." Trying to avoid the outrageous pitches made by Dolores, until it becomes sexual. (Male, 30-50 yrs old /Range: A3 - A5 )
Oscar D'armano Phil's brother and lover who dresses as his twin. A composer and an entertainer in every sense of the word. Very flamboyant. (25-35 yrs old /Range: A3 - B5)
Phil D'armano Oscar's brother and lover who dresses as his twin. A composer and an entertainer in every sense of the word. Very flamboyant. (25-35 yrs old /Range: A3 - A5) 
Queenie Blonde and beautiful. Sexy. Looks a little older and more tired than her age would indicate. Afraid of being alone. Has become addicted to Burrs' presence and ravenous sexual appetite. (20-30 yrs old / Range: F3 - F5 )
Nadine The only minor at the party. Waifish and somewhat naïve. She is in over her head and trying to keep up. (16-18 yrs old /Range: A3 - A5)
Max One of the party goers and a member of the usual "gang." He is full of life and energy. (25-35 yrs old /Range: A3 - B5) 
Ensemble Vocal & Dance Featured Soloists

Garden City Community Theatre holds an open call for Making Change on Fri, Dec 4 7:30-9pm & Sun, Dec 6 2-4pm at Garden City Community Church. Show dates: April 8, 9 and 10. Rehearsals begin mid-Jan. Casting Adults, Teens and Children 8 yrs & Older.  Pick Up an Audition Form in the Library, Fill It Out Before Your Audition & Bring It With You Along With a Picture of Yourself. Contact Brad and Ruby Gustavson at 516-746-1061 for further info.

Excelsior Theatre auditions for Dog Sees God on Tues, Dec 8 at 7pm and Wed, Dec 9 at 8pm at Revelations Dance Center, 127 Smithtown Blvd, Nesconset 11779. Shows are Feb 12, 13, 19 and 20. There may be multiple casts. Indicate your availability on your audition form. Rehearsals will be Tues & Wed nights, and Sun starting Dec 29. We will have scheduled "Snow Day" rehearsals and performances just in case of cancellations due to snow. Ages 16+. Bring a resume and headshot. Prepare a short dramatic monologue or a monologue that shows a variety of emotions. There will be a production fee of $50. *CALLBACKS* are mandatory on Sun, Dec 13 at noon. VIDEO AUDITIONS: We will be accepting video auditions if you cannot make either audition date. You must contact Brian prior to the auditions for more info about video auditions. Video Auditions must be submitted by Thurs, Dec 10 by 10pm. Director: Brian Viccaro. www.excelsiortheatre.com. Character Descriptions:
CB (Charlie Brown) - main character of the play. He is intensely saddened over the death of his dog. 
CB's Sister (Sally) - she has gone goth. It is mentioned that, like her character basis, she changes her philiosophy on life often.
Van (Linus) - He always the philosopher in childhood and is now a pothead with a worldview to match. 
Matt (Pig-Pen) - a pathological germophobe whose dirtiness has been internalized - he's sex-obsessed and homophobic.
Beethoven (Schroeder) - became the school outcast prior to events in the play when it was revealed that he was sexually abused by his father.
Tricia York (Peppermint Patty) - Simply, a party girl. 
Marcy (Marcie) - party girl who is Tricia York's sidekick.
Van's Sister (Lucy) - has been institutionalized for setting the Little Red-Haired Girl's hair on fire.

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts auditions for ages 18 and up for First Date the Musical on Wed, Dec 9 at 7:30PM at 2 E Main St, Smithtown. Prepare appropriate song material in the style of the show (pop, rock, or uptune). Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided for you. You will only be contacted if needed for callbacks or if you are cast in the show, do not call theatre. Performances are March 5 - 26 – Thurs, Fri, Sat evenings, Sun matinees - All those cast must be available for the 2PM matinee performance on Thurs, March 17. Rehearsals begin Mon, Jan 25 and will be every Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs evening as well as some wknds. Per show stipend available for all performers 18+. Add'l inquiries may be sent to Jordan.hue@gmail.com. Again, DO NOT CONTACT THE BOX OFFICE – They do not have any other info than what is posted here. Character Breakdown (Note Man #1, 2, 3, Woman #1, 2 play several roles): 
 Aaron—Late 20s-30s Male. Tenor. New Yorker. Jewish investment banker. He has never been on a blind date before. Out of his element, nervous, and trying way too hard.

Casey—Late 20s-30s, female. Great belt/mix voice. Daring, bold, and delightfully controversial. All as a defense mechanism.

Man #1 (Jewish Chorus/Gabe/Edgy British Guy)—25-40; Male, any ethnicity. GABE is the mega dude/womanizer. Has every answer to every question about women that has ever been asked. And probably has a catch phrase to go with that answer. Aaron's best friend since childhood. EDGY ROCKER/BRITISH GUY are bad boys from Casey's past. Cocky and neglectful, they are overcompensating. Baritenor range.

Woman #1 (Grandma Ida/Lauren/Female with Megaphone #2/Aaron’s Mother)—25-40, Female, belt/mix with soprano. Casey's sister, LAUREN is happily (somewhat) married to her highly successful husband, Kevin, and wonders out loud why Casey can't break her bad habits and learn how to catch a winner. Constantly trying to fix Casey, Lauren is more concerned with listening to her own advice than actually helping her sister. GRANDMA IDA is Aaron's dead grandmother, who feels strongly that her son should marry a Jewish woman.

Man #2 (Reggie/Aaron’s Future Son/Edgy Rocker Guy)—Late 20s-30s. Male, tenor. REGGIE is Casey's fabulously fierce gay and over-imaginative best friend. Easily sent into a tailspin of jealousy, paranoia, and drama. EDGY ROCKER/BRITISH GUY are bad boys from Casey's past. Cocky and neglectful, they are overcompensating.

Woman #2 (Jewish Chorus/Allison/Google Girl/Female with Megaphone #1)—25-35, female. Aaron's ex-fiancé. Gorgeous, sexy, uptight, conservative, controlling, manipulative. Must have great belt and some soprano.

Man #3 (Waiter/Casey’s Christian Father/Friendly Therapist)—35-45, male, baritenor. A career waiter, who dabbles with songwriting and performing on the side. A romantic. He wants nothing more than for love to blossom in his restaurant. A closet poet as well. CASEY's CHRISTIAN FATHER is a stereotype super-Christian, praising the Easter Bunny and denouncing Judaism.
 Creative Team:
 Director – Jordan Hue
 Musical Director – Melissa Coyle
 Stage Manager – Cassiel Fawcett
 Producer – Kenneth J. Washington

STAR Playhouse auditions for A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM on Sun, Dec. 13 and Tues, Dec 15 @ 7pm with Callbacks on Thurs, Dec 17 @ 7pm at Suffolk Y JCC, 74 Hauppauge Rd, Commack. Prepare 16 bars of a song and be prepared to move/dance. For all comedic roles be prepared to tell a joke. For all roles special talents welcome (juggling, baton twirling, hula hooping, fire eating, etc.). Bring sheet music.  ALL ROLES OPEN. Performance Dates: Sat, March 5, 12 & 19 @ 8pm, Sun, March 6 & 13 @ 2pm. For info call Lynn @ 631-462-9800, ext. 136 or visit our website at: www.starplayhouse.com. CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS:
Senex - Father to Hero and henpecked husband to Domina, 45-70 range: B2-G4
Domina - Mother to Hero and Senex’ wife. A shrewish woman. Loves her husband deep down but is outwardly controlling, demanding, and manipulative. 40-50 range: B3-F5
Hero - The son of Senex and Domina. He falls in love with Philia and agrees to give Pseudolus his freedom if he can help Hero woo her. Romantic, privileged but a nice guy. 20-30, range: B2-G4
Hysterium - Chief slave in the House of Senex. Believes he is in control, but is actually Pseudolus’ puppet to carry out his schemes. Anxious and loyal. He desperately wants everything to be in order. 30-50 range: D4-G5
Pseudolus - A Roman slave, owned by Hero, who seeks to win his freedom by helping his young master win the heart of Philia. Quick witted, scheming, childlike spirit. 30-50 range: A2-A4
Erronius - An old man searching for his lost children. 45-70 range: B2-G4
Miles Gloriosus - The archetype of the braggart soldier. A captain in the Roman army to whom Marcus Lycus has promised Philia. Commanding, boastful, manly, and strong. 25-35 range: B3-G5
Philia - A virgin in the House of Lycus whom we also find out is Erronius’ daughter. She is promised to Miles and promises to give him her body but loves Hero and promises he will always have her heart. Young, pretty, devoted, not too smart. 18-21 range: B3-G5
Lycus - The owner of the House of Courtesans. Always out to make a profit but takes pride in being a good, honest businessman. 40-55 range: A3-F5
Courtesans - have to look like they can pass for a courtesan and must dance well
Proteans - jack of all trades, master of none; “three stooges” types

The Gilbert & Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island is holding open principal auditions for Iolanthe on Tues, Dec 22 beginning at 7:30PM at the Chatterton Elementary School in Merrick. Bring sheet music and be prepared to sing at least 16 bars of appropriate music that highlights your abilities. Also be prepared to read a selection of dialogue that will be provided to you at that time. Principals will be expected to have familiarized themselves with their part for our full rehearsals, which will commence in Jan and will generally run Tues and Thurs evenings at the Chatterton School. Performances will begin in April and run through mid-June. Email michael.economos@snickersnee.com if you have any questions. 

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts auditions for ages 16 and up for HAIRSPRAY on Mon, Jan 4 at 7:30PM at 2 E Main St, Smithtown. Prepare appropriate song material in the style of the show (pop, rock, or uptune). Bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided for you. Callbacks will be held Wed, Jan 6 at 7:30PM. You will only be contacted if needed for callbacks or if you are cast in the show, do not call the theatre. Performances are July 9 - Aug 28 – Thurs, Fri, Sat evening, Sun matinees - All those cast must be available for select weekday matinee performances. Rehearsals begin Mon, May 30, and will be every Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs evenings as well as some wknds. Per show stipends available for performers 18+. Add'l inquiries may be sent to Jordan.hue@gmail.com. Again, DO NOT CONTACT THE BOX OFFICE – They do not have any other info than what is posted here. Character Breakdown:
 Tracy Turnblad - A "pleasantly plump" teenager who dreams of fame. She fights to racially integrate The Corny Collins Show. Outgoing, unstoppable, goodhearted with a vibrant, lovable, spirited personality. Loves to dance. Females of all shapes and sizes will be considered for this role. Belt, Mezzo, Vocal Range: G below middle C to E above C.
 Edna Turnblad - Tracy's kind, plus-sized mother - a drag role. Edna runs a laundry business out of her home. A working class, devoted, loving housewife with dreams of her own. Sincere, not campy. Tenor, Vocal Range: F below middle C to E above C
 Amber Von Tussle - Bratty, selfish resident princess of The Corny Collins Show, despite her lack of talent. She is willing to do anything to win the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant. Belt, Vocal Range:middle C to F above C
 Velma Von Tussle - A former beauty queen, Amber's scheming mother and producer of The Corny Collins Show, who pushes her daughter to seek the stardom that she never had. Upscale, attractive, biting, manipulative, prejudiced snob. Belt, Vocal Range: G below middle C to E above C
 Penny Pingleton - Tracy's slightly dorky, devoted, neurotic and perky best friend. Belt, Vocal Range: middle C to G above C
 Link Larkin - A teenage heartthrob and one of The Corny Collins Show Council Members, who falls in love with Tracy. Baritone, Vocal Range: E below middle C to G above middle C
 Motormouth Maybelle - The owner of a downtown record shop and the host of "Negro Day" on The Corny Collins Show, self-described as "big, blonde and beautiful". Seaweed and Little Inez's mother. Powerful and inspiring, singer with an infectious, brassy personality. Alto, Vocal Range: A below middle C to E above C
 Seaweed J. Stubbs - A hip "Negro Day" dancer and the son of Motormouth Maybelle who falls in love with Penny. His dance lessons help Tracy get chosen for the local TV teen dance show. Cool, attractive, street smart, goodhearted. Becomes Penny's boyfriend. Tenor, Vocal Range: G below middle C to B above middle C
 Wilbur Turnblad - Tracy’s goofy father, who owns the Har-De-Har Hut joke shop and is still madly in love with his wife, Edna. He encourages Tracy to follow her dreams. A working class inventor with a sweet, childlike personality. Adores his family. Baritone, Vocal Range: G below C to e above middle C
 Corny Collins - The handsome, charming, engaging, smooth and cocky host of The Corny Collins Show. No age limitations - just needs to act young enough for teens to think he is "cool". Tenor, Vocal Range: D below middle C to above middle C
 Little Inez - Seaweed's younger sister, who tries to audition for The Corny Collins Show but is turned away because she is black. Spunky, tough, streetwise, outgoing, older than her years. Belt, Vocal Range: middle C to E above C
 Female Authority - The Matron guarding The Big Dollhouse; the Gym Teacher; and
 Prudy Pingleton, Penny's overprotective and often close-minded mother. Could be played by one or more actors. Vocal Range: A below middle C to G above middle C
 Male Authority Figure - Mr. Pinky, owner of Mr. Pinky's Hefty Hideaway who gives Tracy and Edna a makeover; Principal of Patterson Park High School; and Mr. Harriman F. Spritzer, the President of Ultra Clutch.
 The Dynamites - 3 sassy singer/dancers, inspired by the Supremes. Tight harmony, girl group . Vocal Range: G below middle C to A above C
 The Pinkets – 4 women working in Mr. Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway. Vocal Range: G below middle C to A above C
 Corny Collins Dancers and Council Members - IQ, Shelly, Brenda, Sketch, Fender, Tammy, Lou Ann, Brad. Strong singers, dancers. Vocal Range: Various
 Ensemble – Need to play high school students and citizens of Baltimore. Vocal Range: Various
 Creative Team:
 Director – Jordan Hue
 Musical Director – Melissa Coyle
 Choreographer – M.E. Junge
 Producer – Kenneth J. Washington

SoLuna Studio, 659 Old Willets Path Hauppauge 11788 auditions for Legally Blonde on Jan 18 OR Jan 20 (you must call 631-761-6602 to schedule your audition time)  Performances - May 6 - June 5. 
Elle Woods - quintessential Valley Girl who follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School and realizes that she has more to offer than just a pretty face and a bubbly personality. (18-25 yrs old / Range: Gb2 - G5)
Ensemble Greek Chorus; Students; Delta Nu Members
Emmett Forrest - smart and sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing. He is charming, quirky, loveable, and friendly. (20-25 yrs old /Range: B2 - A4 )
Paulette - brash, caring, optimistic hair stylist who is friends with Elle and longs to find a man for herself. (35-45 yrs old / Range: A3 - A5 )
Professor Callahan - pompous, sleezy, manipulative law professor at Harvard who is highly successful, but completely immoral. (Male, 45-55 yrs old / Range: A2 - F#4 )
Warner Huntington IIII - good-looking but shallow and pompous guy who breaks Elle's heart and heads off to Harvard Law. (20-25 yrs old / Range: Eb3 - Ab4 )
Vivienne Kensington - smart, savvy, and uptight law student and Warner's fiancee who initially dismisses Elle, but grows to be her friend. (20-25 yrs old / Range: A3 - F5 )
Brooke Wyndam - exercise video mogul who is also a former sorority girl. She is energetic and charismatic, yet currently on trial for murder. (25-35 yrs old / Range: A3 - G5)

starting with the most recently received)

Male and female actors interested in performing in burlesque skits contact Bruce at hobo19@verizon.net, or Norman at 1act3greene@optonline.net.

Huntington Cabaret seeking 2 very strong, charismatic male singer/actors for BROADWAY Night with award-winning NYC Music Director Darius Frowner, who plays for Norm Lewis. Each cast member will sing 2 solos and the finale. Show is Jan 8 at major Country Club on LI. No fee. Must have extensive performing experience. One private rehearsal with Darius Frowner in Huntington and one short finale rehearsal also in Huntington after the holidays. Send video submission to cabaretsingers@aol.com or call Director Linda Ray at 631 673-5577.

Casting the role of AUDREY 2 for a performance on Thurs, Jan 11 at 6pm at Landmark on Main Street Theater in Port Washington. Looking for a strong singer/actor. Role is completely offstage, there is another actor who is working the puppet. Stipend. Rehearsals are in Roslyn. Flexible rehearsal time. Call 516-582-5482 or email Juliana at julianafadeyev@gmail.com

Plaza Theatrical Productions is casting actors with weekday availability for their 2016 arts-in-education season. Stipend provided Call (516) 599-6870 for an audition appt

Studio Theatre's Family Theatre is holding auditions for its new Holiday Musical, A Holiday Wish. The show runs Sat @ 1pm Nov 21- Jan 2. We are looking for animated and energentic actors age 17-adult for various roles. Must be able to sing and move well. Short rehearsal period. If interested, email us at Studiotheatreli@gmail.com or call 631-235-6777.

Senior Theater Acting Repertory in Queens is looking for senior actors for our upcoming spring performances. Must be available weekdays. Rehearsals are held at the Bellerose & Queens Village libraries on Wed & Fri.  Interested parties contact (718) 776-0529 for more info. Checkout our website to see what our group is about www.star-queens.org.

Osiris Productions (www.osirisfilmproductions.com) is seeking EXTRAS who appear to be high-school aged to be a part of our feature-length film, The Broken Road. We currently have featured extra roles and speaking roles available as well. Shoot dates are Nov 27 (Friday) and Nov 28 (Sat) in Stony Brook. Extras do not have to attend both shoot dates to be considered, but attending both increases the likelihood of getting a featured/speaking role. This position is not paid and completely voluntary, but food will be provided and all extras will receive IMDb credit. If you are interested, contact Osiris Productions' casting dept at casting@osirisfilmproductions.com with the subject "TBR Extra".

Black Box Traveling Theatre Company is hiring actors ages 18 and older who have daytime availability. BBTTC educates children through the magic of live theatre. All of our shows travel throughout Suffolk Co and are performed in elementary, middle and high schools. Actors are paid per performance. All rehearsals are in Selden. We are casting now for our Anti Bullying & Holiday Shows. If interested, email picture (any pic is fine) and resume to educationaltheatreny@yahoo.com to schedule an audition.

BroadHollow Theatre Company is casting the musical Dreamgirls that will run Jan 2 - 17 at our theatre in E Islip and Feb 6 - 28 at our theatre in Elmont.  All roles open Auditions by appt. Email headshot and resume to roneillbht@aol.com


SoLuna Studio, 659 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge 11788 is seeking creative teams for our 2016 Guest Director program! We are currently accepting proposals for any: musical, play, original work, cabaret, concert etc to add to our 2016 season. This is a paying job. All details are located on our website at http://www.solunastudiony.com/Guest-Director.php

Garden City Community Theatre seeks volunteer Stage Manager, Set Design & Backstage for Making Change at Garden City Community Church. Show dates: April 8, 9 and 10. Rehearsals begin mid-Jan. Contact Brad and Ruby Gustavson at 516-746-1061 for further info.

Looking for Assistant to Talent Manager Established Talent Management Company seeks a mature, seriously committed individual to work five days a week, Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm. Home office located on North Shore of LI (Nass Co). Must be able to drive to work. Requirements: Candidate must have excellent phone skills, tech savvy computer knowledge and top notch organizational skills for this very fast paced office. Must have own laptop to use at work. Knowledge of/interest in theater a plus. Duties include speaking with clients, casting offices and agents, scheduling appointments and submitting actors for auditions, as well as organizing and expediting the workflow of the office. Knowledge of breakdown services and casting networks is a huge plus. Candidate should excel at multi-tasking, be exceptionally computer proficient, be fearless in the face of a challenge, and must not be afraid of the phone. Do not respond without these qualifications. Application Instructions: Include a cover letter in the body of your e-mail and attach your resume. Be sure to tell us why you are specifically interested in this job and when you can start working. Salary: $450 weekly E-mail: DMTMINFO@aol.com 

John W. Engeman Theater at Northport is looking to fill several full and part time positions. Work in an amazing environment at LI's only year-round professional theater. Send resume to the email addresses attached to each position. No calls please.
AUDIO 2/ASSISTANT AUDIO ENGINEER - Knowledge of wireless microphones, qlab operation. Able to run digital console and understand audio patching. Must have morning availability and own transportation. Will also help crew change over from children's theater to main stage . Send resume to jtully@engemantheater.com.
CHILD WRANGLER - Seeking a very warm and creative individual to assist with our youngest actors in MIRACLE. These are wonderful, mature and talented kids. Wrangler will be responsible for making sure they are dressed, prepped and on time for all cues. Should be someone who can be in control and yet knows how to have fun. Must has theater knowledge and child care experience. Rehearsal begin in NYC Nov 1. Wrangler will not be required to be at all rehearsals. Show opens 11/19 and runs through 1/3. jtully@engemantheater.com
SPOTLIGHT OPERATOR - Experience preferred, but will train the right candidate. Commitment from 11/ 14 to 1/3. jtully@engemantheater.com.
THEATRICAL STAGE TECHNICIAN - Looking for technicians with experience in all fields (Lighting, Sound, and Carpentry.) Having experience in multiple fields is a plus. We have shows running all year around. The Technician will be working in a 400 seat Proscenium theater.
- General Stagecraft
- Ability to lift at least 75lbs
- Comfortable working at heights
- Must be able to take direction
- Providing support to all productions
- Set-up, operation and Striking for here Show
- Light Maintenance
Employment Type: Full - Time 
Send resume to mdecristofaro@engemantheater.com
THEATRICAL DRESSERS - Dressers must have prior experience in dressing a quick-change heavy show and must be able to facilitate quick changes during each performance as well as handle minor alterations and repairs, laundry, pressing and steaming of costumes. Must possess quick problem solving skills, great organizational ability and must work well in a team environment. Must be available for the entire run of shows, including all of tech week. All candidates must provide their own transportation to the theater in Northport. Send a current resume and references. Part-Time. Send current resume and references to: jtully@engemantheater.com
Theater Hair, Wig & Makeup Supervisor - Applicant should have experience in styling and maintaining wigs as well as the ability to cut and style human hair. Previous experience in running shows and creating period hairstyles is required. Local to Northport preferred. Must have own transportation. Part-Time.  Send current resume and references to: jtully@engemantheater.com
THEATER BOX OFFICE CUSTOMER SERVICE - Responsible for providing world-class customer service to all patrons for the purpose of providing them with a memorable overall theatrical experience. Excellent, professional and courteous verbal communication skills, including the ability to effectively communicate with patrons and theater staff. Must have a flexible schedule – must be available nights and weekends. Must be PC proficient. Must be able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment capable of dealing with the public and meet deadlines, while maintaining a positive attitude and providing exemplary customer service. Seeking a self-starter with a strong detail orientation who is able to work independently and to carry out assignments to completion within given guidelines/instructions. Part-Time. Send Resume to pmolloy@engemantheater.com
ASSISTANT HOUSE MANAGER - Weekends and nights required; responsible for ensuring that the audience has a safe, relaxed and pleasant experience while attending The Theater; supervise the FOH staff and ushers; resolve issues with seating; coordinate timing of shows and intermission with production crew; oversee concession and bar sales. Part- Time. Send resume to bhallisey@engemantheater.com
VALET DRIVERS - Responsible for the safe transport of patrons vehicles to and from the theater; must possess a clean, valid state-issued drivers license; must be able to communicate clearly and must have a clean cut appearance (no visible tattoos or piercings); excellent customer service skills and friendly disposition required. This position involves working outside in all weather conditions. Weekends and nights required. Part-Time. Send resume to bhallisey@engemantheater.com
FRONT OF HOUSE/CONCESSIONS/HOSTS - Responsible for providing a pleasant experience for our patrons before, during and after the shows; must be able to communicate clearly and must have a clean cut appearance (no visible tattoos or piercings); excellent customer service skills and friendly disposition required; ability to work in a fast paced environment; must be responsible for handling cash transactions quickly and efficiently . Weekends and nights required. Part-Time. Send resume to bhallisey@engemantheater.com

THEATRE BY THE BAY'S FIRST ANNUAL 10 MINUTE PLAYWRITING FESTIVAL 2016  is now accepting submissions for our festival on Aug 21. The festival is open to young playwrights (7-12th grade) as well as adult playwrights. If your play is accepted, adult playwrights will be required to do a staged reading; young playwrights will have the option of a sit down reading or a staged reading. Every playwright must have his/her own director, cast and rehearsal space. If needed we will, to the best of our ability, assist you in casting your play or finding a director. Each play will have one tech rehearsal in our theater before the festival. There is no fee to submit. Only plays that are accepted will be required to pay a $10 participation fee to help cover the cost of refreshments, publicity and other operating costs. There will be a cash award of $75 for the "Best 10 Minute Play" in each division - young playwrights and adult playwrights. Read ALL of the submission guidelines before sending in your script for consideration.  
1--No musicals or skits. The submission must be a play--a compact play with a beginning, middle,
and end. You need a character facing obstacles, rising action, conflict, and a climactic moment; your play must tell a complete story. Monologues will also be considered.  
2--Play must be 10 minutes or under in length--no longer. Our committee will time each submitted work, so we suggest that each playwright conduct a read-through of his/her own final script for timing before submitting it to us. Adult playwrights must submit a play with the theme we set for the festival.  
3--For our adult playwrights, we are asking that the theme of your play be what it means to be a family. 
Family is a very general theme, so make this a creative challenge. It could be any type of family--traditional
family, extended family (parents and children residing with other family members), non-traditional families, single parent family, grandparent or step-family.  
4--For our young playwrights, we do not require a specific theme for acceptance into our festival. Young playwrights can submit a play with any theme provided it doesn't include unnecessary sexual and violent situations.  
5--Play must be original and never produced before in NYC.  
6--Keep set, lighting, sound, costume and prop requirements to a minimum; quick changeovers are
needed. Scripts with complex technical requirements could lead to a rejection.  
7--All submissions must be sent USPS--no email submissions. Submission deadline is Feb 1 -- any scripts postmarked AFTER Feb 1 will not be considered for the festival. Scripts will not be returned. Send scripts to: Bay Terrace Jewish Center, 13-00 209th St, Bayside, NY 11360 ATT: Playwright Committee 
8--Notification of acceptance into the festival will be via e-mail by June 1.  
9--SCRIPT: Each script must be a blind submission. Remove any identifying info from the cover page, title page, headers, footers, and elsewhere. Include your name and contact info on a separate document. The script should include a title page, character listing, and setting. Standard play script format should be used. Guidelines:
Margins: 1.5" left, 1" right, top and bottom 
12 point font in Courier New 
character names 2.5 from left margin 
dialogue running from left to right margin 
stage directions 2.5 from left margin 
page numbers in upper right hand corner

ACCOMPANIST with strong classical music background needed for Studio Theatre's production of Terrence McNally's MASTER CLASS. Directed by Frank DiSpigno. Featuring Mary Ellin Kurtz as Maria Callas. Production will play in March. . The accompanist also plays the role of Callas' accompanist in the play. This is a salaried positionSend inquiries to studiotheatreli.com

FAME Theatrical Productions is looking for:
Musical director/piano player for our musicals. Must have own keyboard, be a non-smoker, good with kids, teens, adults, can read sheet music and follow the kids. $30-$50. Must be available Dec 19.
Dance teacher who specializes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, yoga and zumba. We are looking for someone that has excellent dance skills, physical condition and superior choreography skills. Must have a pleasant demeanor and be a team player. Must live in Nassau or Queens and have own transportation. Experience teaching in a dance school is necessary. $15 - $30. Classes are in place and ready to teach.  
Call 516-225-1088 or email us musicalgrl2003@gmail.com

Senior Theater Acting Repertory in Queens is looking for a volunteer artistic director, available from 11am-2 pm, Wed & Fri, to be in charge of scene development and directing adults for community performances.  Send resume via contact page at www.star-queens.org. or P.O. Box 280424, Queens Village, NY 11428-9997. For more info (718) 776-0529.

Belle's Players, the Actor's Workshop of the Kew Gardens Community Center, under the auspices of Queens Community House, in existence for 18 years, is seeking a volunteer director for scenes and monologues. We meet every Tues from 1-3pm. Contact the artistic committee at 718-268-5960

Musical Director with strong piano skills needed for Temple production of Mary Poppins. Rehearsals begin mid-Jan with four performances run from April 30 to May 8.  Forward resume and contact info to Elliott at elliottsolo@verizon.net.

Wanted - scripts for original one act plays. If you would be interested in having them produced, notify either Bruce, at hobo19@verizon.net or Norman at 1act3greene@optonline.net

Gateway Performing Arts Center of Suff Co is seeking OVERHIRE STAGEHANDS. Overhire staff members report to their dept heads assigned at the time of hire. Qualifications:
* Basic experience in stage electrics or carpentry
* Ability to lift at least 75 lbs. repeatedly throughout the duration of the call 
* Ability to stand and work on one's feet for long periods of time
* Comfort working at heights in excess of 20' on ladders and lifts
* Comfort working in groups
* Ability to take directions in a fast paced environment
Primarily we work out of Bellport, but sometimes we work at the Patchogue Theatre. Public transport is available to both locations. Pay range is $9-11hr (DOE). To apply, send brief resume to hr@gatewayplayhouse.com with the subject line “Overhire Stagehand.”

CK Productions in Islip is accepting applications for the following positions:
Carpenters * Lighting Operators * Spot Operators * Scenic Painters * Prop Masters * Stage Crew
For more info or if you have questions, email CKTechnicalDirector@gmail.com

CK Productions in Islip is accepting applications for the following positions:
Musical Directors * Stage Mgrs * Asst Stage Managers * Asst Directors *  Co-directors * Co-Choreographers * Choreographers
For more info or if you have questions, email CKTechnicalDirector@gmail.com

Manhattan Reading Competition - PLAY & MUSICALS SUBMISSION No submission fee to participate in this competition. First prize $1000. Scripts accepted from all over the US. Opportunity for staged readings in the heart of Manhattan. We accept scripts 20-60 minutes long. Your reading will be staged in a 99-seat theater with fixed red upholstered seats and six spaces for wheelchairs. A 23′ x 29′ stage where up to 25 actors can fits comfortably. Ideal for playwrights who wish to stage an exciting, live reading using any of the 55 props we offer for free. For those who would like more than lights up and down, we have 55 lights that can paint the setting of your play, which one of our tech directors will set up for you before your reading. For readings of musicals we offer an electric piano and a great sound system should you need microphones or soundtracks for your singing/reading. We also offer 10 chairs and 10 reading stands. You will not need to bring anything to the theater except your craft and artistry. All readings will be offered a prime performance time and will be staged between Feb 29 and March 6. The theater is used by our winter festival, which is one of the most successful festivals in the country. The 5 best plays will be automatically accepted into our Thespis Summerfest 2016 From reading to staging. For more info go to ManhattanReadingCompetition.com

Costume America is seeking a part time costume assistant. This is a very diversified position. Duties include laundry, answering phones, assisting customers in the store, pulling and prepping costumes for pickup/shipping, restocking, etc. Sewing skills are a HUGE plus. Email resume to info@costumeamerica.com to apply. DO NOT CALL. Costume America is a costume rental house with a small retail store front located on the Nassau/Suffolk border on LI. We specialize in children's and school theatre but accommodate everyone. We ship all over the country and are consistently producing new costumes in house.

VENUS ADONIS THEATER FESTIVAL/COMPETITION SEEKS Submissions - Accepted from everywhere in the US. Shows from outside NY & NJ can only run if the entire cast and crew are from NYC. Submissions must be 30-90min.  Best Play will receive $2,500. Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director will receive $500 each. Best Original play will receive $200, Best Musical $300. All genres are welcome. If your show has already had a run (in theaters or in other festivals) you can still participate, but only with a completely new cast and crew. Festival runs 1/4 - 3/10. Submissions by 12/15. Click here for info or to submit.

Long Island Housing Services, Inc., a non-profit agency that serves our community by advocating fair housing is looking to hire per diem employees to help with our Fair Lending Investigations. We have found that actors have the best skills for this position as they are able to memorize a script and follow directions.  The title of the position is a tester. A tester will be paid $17/hr and compensated for both training and travel to assignments. www.Lifairhousing.org 
LIHS is a non-profit civil rights organization dedicated to promoting equal opportunity in housing on Long Island. LIHS is dedicated to:
· Eliminating unlawful housing discrimination
· Encouraging the development of low income and affordable housing
· Promoting open, accessible and inclusive communities
· Facilitating and strengthening enforcement of Fair Housing laws
· Educating and assisting the public regarding housing rights and opportunities in the region.
LIHS’ activities include:
· Fair housing investigations (rental, sales, insurance and lending) 
· Testing and advocacy to facilitate enforcement and compliance
· Public and private industry education
LIHS offers the following additional services:
· Landlord/Tenant counseling and referrals
· Outreach
· Mortgage default/foreclosure prevention counseling and legal services
· Pre/Post purchase counseling
· Loan Scam and Loan Modification Rescue Scam education and reporting
· LIHS recruits and trains individuals to be testers that will help gather information about current market and industry practices. Fair housing laws protect everyone from unlawful housing discrimination. Through its testing program, LIHS’ ability to investigate real estate-related transactions and practices (rentals, sales, insurance and lending) and aid with the enforcement of local, state, and federal fair housing laws is enhanced significantly. Testing (aka investigation) is an investigative tool used to gather evidence. Generally, fair housing testing refers to the use of individuals who, without a bona fide [genuine] intent to rent or purchase a home, apartment or other dwelling, or without a bona fide intent to apply for a mortgage loan, pose as prospective renters and purchasers of real estate or borrowers for the purpose of gathering information which may indicate whether a housing provider or lender is complying with fair housing and lending laws. In essence, testers would be going ’undercover’ like mystery shoppers to lending institutions and pretending to be applying for mortgages with the financial information we provide them. The tester then writes a report about how they were treated by the bank and what loan options the bank offered them. We use those reports to see if any discrimination has occurred. Courts have found testing to be persuasive evidence and sometimes the only credible or competent evidence available to corroborate an allegation of housing or lending discrimination. This type of investigation has been used since the Civil Rights Era and is a completely legal and credible form of investigation. 
Kelly Leonard, Test Coordinator Long Island Housing Services, Inc.
640 Johnson Ave, Suite 8, Bohemia, NY 11716-2624
PH: (631)567-5111 x319 / FAX: (631)567-0160

Merrick Theatre is looking for Stage Managers for their upcoming productions. If interested, call Joe or JoAnne at 516-868-6400 or 516-665-3127.

Shining Studios (Port Washington), an LI theatre school, is seeking a MUSICAL DIRECTOR for IMMEDIATE HIRE for its upcoming Fall season. We are looking for someone dynamic and fun-loving with a passion for working with actors of all ages (especially children.) Pay is based upon experience. Forward resume (with references and links to previous shows you have musical directed) to madams.shining@gmail.com. No phone calls.

Minstrel Players of Northport are seeking an Asst Tech DirectorHouse Manager and Stage Manager with various duties in stage construction, painting, lighting, sound, props, front-of-house and backstage. Must be available most Sun afternoons, many Mon and Tues evenings for 2 months prior to performance dates. "Handy" a plus, will train anyone willing to learn the craft. Valuable community experience - students welcome. For more info, call 516-557-1207 or visit us online at www.minstrelplayers.org

CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale is accepting applications for the following positions:
Carpenter * Sound Designer * Sound Technician * Lighting Designer * Lighting Asst * Theatrical Electrician
Spot Operator * Volunteer Scenic Painters
Send resume to technicaldirector@cmpac.com. For more info visit us at www.CMPAC.com.

Symmetry Event Solutions is seeking General Labor/Stage hands. Seeking knowledgeable and eager personnel for full time & part time positions. Hours are typically 9-5, however due to the nature of the industry, weekend work is common and hours may flex based on the event or production we are working on.  Paid positions.  Ability to lift 50lbs, and have a clean driving record a must.  Ability to drive trucks (up to 26') a plus.  Work will include, but not limited to: packing gear based on the production, setting up lighting, sound, staging, and video equipment,painting, building, light construction (scenery elements), warehouse work preparing gear. No phone calls. If interested, e-mail: Tim@symmetryeventsolutions.com  and supply resume, available hours, salary requirement, and a brief description of your abilities

Ever wanted to be a manager or big time agent and make money from other people's work? If so, then saddle up partners! The Murder For You Players of LI are looking for any "bookies" who can get us a show date at a firehouse, church, fraternal org or almost anywhere on LI.  It's easy, too. Call Jake at 631-235-8741 anytime and ask for the details of the show. If we get the gig, you will get 10% of the fee.  The bigger the gig, the bigger your 10%!  We will play fund-raisers, private parties or corporate events.

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