Broadhollow Theater Company seeking replacements for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Seeking two women for the following roles:
Mrs. Bucket - singer/actress - sings 2 songs, (late twenties to late 40's) either Bayway or Elmont run, or both.
Mrs. Gloop - singer/character actress - sings 1 song, good with accent, (looking for a full figured women, late 20s - late 40s) BayWay run.
Bayway - Oct 4, 11, 18 & 25 at 2pm, Oct 19 at noon
Elmont - Nov 1, 8, 29 & Dec 6 at 2pm, Nov 16 at noon
If interested, e-mail headshot and resume to JasonPAllyn@aol.com

The School Of Singing is still holding auditions for Scrooge 16-25 yrs old in A CHRISTMAS CAROL a new musical based on Charles Dickens story.  Rehearsals began Wed, Sept 24. Be prepared to attend weekend rehearsals when asked. Performances the wknd of Dec 12. In addition, we are auditioning dancers for TAP and JAZZ dance numbers in the show. Call 516-252-4114 or email theschoolofsinging@gmail.com to schedule an appt or for further info.

Broadhollow Theatre is looking for ensemble sailors and ensigns for South Pacific. Rehearsals have begun, with performances at BayWay Oct 11-26 and Elmont Nov 1-16.  Lt Cable and Liat are also needed.  Email bhtgroupsales@aol.com if you are interested.

Woody Allen’s Don’t Drink The Water, produced by Long Beach Theatre Guild is seeking:
Susan Hollander, age 21-35, daughter of the family stuck in the American Embassy behind the Iron Curtain circa 1964, free spirited and somewhat Greenwich Village type.
Axel Magee, age 25-40, whose foreign service career has been a series of disasters,
Father Drobney, priest of undetermined age, who dabbles in magic
Directed by Rich Buckley. Show dates Nov 8, 9, 15, 16. www.lbtg.net. Call Nancy Sullivan, producer, at 516.662.6969 or email at cookiesull@yahoo.com

The School Of Singing is still holding auditions for A CHRISTMAS CAROL a new musical based on Charles Dickens story.
1. Scrooge 16-20 yrs old
2. Marley 14-20 old
3. Young Scrooge 12-15
4. Bob Cratchit 13-16
Rehearsals beginning Wed, Sept 24 at 7pm-9:30pm. Be prepared to attend weekend rehearsals when asked. Performances the weekend of Dec 12. In addition, we are auditioning dancers for TAP and JAZZ dance numbers in the show. Call or email to schedule an appt 516-252-4114 or theschoolofsinging@gmail.com for further info.

(in some semblance of chronological order followed by ongoing recruitment/undated calls & technical opportunities)

Voices Wanted for The Silver Chords Chorus.  This multigeneration chorus is looking for singers, especially tenors and basses.  Chorus performs American songbook, Broadway, classical.  4 performances a year.  Rehearsals Sat at Smithtown Senior Center.  Tryouts with director Carl J. Ferrara Sept 27 at 11:45am. Be prepared to sing selection for your part. For more info, call Caroline 631-235-3593

Bay Street Theater, Corner of Bay & Main St, Sag Harbor 11963, auditions Nov’s Literature Live! production of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, directed by Joe Minutillo. All rehearsals and performances will be held at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor. Actors who reside within a 50 mile radius of Sag Harbor are strongly urged to attend. Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Performance dates are Nov 5-29.
Auditions Fri, Sept 26 - noon–4pm @ Pearl Studios, 500 8th  Ave, NYC, Studio 415 – Holding Room
Contract dates: Oct 13 – Nov 29
No phone calls.
Contract - TYA—Approval Pending—Tier 1 Weekly $461 per week
Call Type - Open Call--AEA and Non-AEA
Preparation - Sides (will be available 1 hour prior to the start of each audition)
Character Breakdown
Jean Louis Finch (Scout) - Scout is a young girl, age 9-12 years old. She is a tomboy and the younger sister to Jem. Scout is the youngest character on stage but quite smart. When the play begins, she is a precocious six-year-old who has learned to read at home before starting the first grade. She is terrified of Boo Radley, but that changes later in the play. She personifies the innocence of childhood, especially because of her inability to understand racial prejudice. Scout unknowingly saves the lives of her father and Tom, as a lynch mob headed by Walter Cunningham threatens them.
Jeremy Finch (Jem) – Is Scouts older brother and son to Atticus. He is 12 years old.
He is athletic. His relationship with his dad (Atticus) is one of frustration due to the fact that they don’t spend enough time together because his father is always working and it also seems to Jem that his father is getting to old. Jem does share his father’s intelligence, honor and bravery. 
Atticus Finch - Protagonist; Atticus is approximately a 50-year-old widower. He is the father of Jem and Scout Finch. He is a learned, serious gentleman who is the attorney appointed by Judge Taylor to defend Tom Robinson. In his youth he was an expert marksman with a rifle and a good athlete (something that Jem his son does not know about him). Atticus is the iconic voice of reason. He is quietly impressive, reserved, and civilized.
Calpurnia - Is the black housekeeper/cook in the Finch household, who plays a large role in raising Jem and Scout. She is a somewhat stern but she is also a deeply loving maternal figure to both children. She helped Scout learn how to write. She is self-educated, proud, capable, and has high standards. Age 35-50.
Miss Maudie Atkinson -  Is a neighbor who is not married. She is very kind to the Finch Family. She is one of the rare members of this community who is not prejudiced towards blacks. She is a sensitive woman who is wise and compassionate and is the character who explains why it is a sin “to kill a mockingbird” to the children. Age 50-60.
Charles Baker Harris (Dill) - Seasonal playmate to Jem and Scout. He comes to Maycomb each summer to visit his Aunt Rachel Haverford. Dill along with Jem and Scout, attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding Boo Radley. 8-12 years old, small, wise beyond his years.
Heck Tate - He is the Sheriff of the town who has a real sense of right and wrong. He has the utmost respect for Atticus and they have known each other a long time. He is very aware of the injustice of Maycomb. Age 30-50
Mayella Ewell - She is a young woman who is lonely and overworked and will lie to get what she needs. She is the daughter of Bob Ewell and her major role in life is to care for her seven siblings. She and her siblings have been raised in squalor. She attempted to seduce Tom Robinson is stopped by the arrival of her father. This all leads to the trial and the death of Tom Robinson. Mayella lies under oath about the seduction and rape because it is indefensible for a white woman to have feelings for a black man. Age 19-25.
Boo Radley/Mr. Gilmer  - played by one actor.
Boo Radley - lonely, reclusive, unassuming figure who is simultaneously kind, generous, and chivalrous. He saves the life of Jem and Scout.
Mr. Gilmer - He is the prosecuting attorney who treats Tom Robinson with rudeness and contempt.
Walter Cunningham/Judge Taylor - played by one actor. Age 40-60.
Walter Cunningham - Hard working farmer who is a product of his environment and the depression.
Judge Taylor - He is a smart, fair man who knows he is dealing with racial issues that he can’t control.  He assigns Atticus Finch to defend Tom Robinson on a charge of rape. The Judge and Atticus already know that this is hopeless in this racist setting of  Maycomb.
Tom Robinson - 25-year-old Black man falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell. He is handsome, vital, married with three children. He is a field hand who is kind and helpful. These traits however unfortunately lead to his demise. He is crippled on left hand. Age 23-27.
Bob Ewell - He is the antagonist and is father to Mayella and seven other children. He is a lazy town drunk who poaches game and lives off government relief. He falsely accuses Tom, a Black man, of raping Mayella, although there is clear evidence that he himself physically (and perhaps even sexually) abuses Mayella. He is thoroughly despicable and untrustworthy. Age 40-50.

John W. Engeman Theatre at Northport announces Open Local and NYC auditions for its upcoming production of A Christmas Story on Sun, Sept 28 and Tues, Sept 30, respectively. Actors will be seen in the order in which they sign-in. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, music & lyrics: Joseph Robinette, book; Richard Dolce, producing artistic director & director; James Olmstead, musical director; Antoinette DiPietropolo, choreographer. Reh: 11/1; Open: 11/20; Close: 1/4. Children begin rehearsals: 10/11 or 10/12. All auditioners should prepare 16 bars in the style of the show (you may sing from A Christmas Story) and may be asked to dance. Bring dance clothes, character shoes AND tap shoes if you tap dance. If unable to attend either date, send headshot and resume to Vic DiMonda, Associate Producing Director, c/o The John W. Engeman Theatre at Northport, 250 Main St, Northport, NY 11768, Attn: A Christmas Story. 
LOCAL CALL (Northport):Sun, Sept 28, Engeman Theatre
CHILDREN: Sign up 11:30am in Studio 1; Audition begins: noon
ADULTS: Sign up: 2:30pm in Studio 1; Audition begins: 3pm
OPEN CALL (NYC):Tues, Sept 30 @ NOLA Rehearsal Studios, 250 W 54th St – 10th Fl
Women 10am–1:30pm  Sign up begins at 9am - list will be pulled at 11am
Men  2:30pm– 6pm  Sign up begins at 1:30pm - list will be pulled at 3:30pm
RALPHIE PARKER – Young dreamer and schemer. 8-13. To play 9- 10.  Must be under 5’ tall with an unchanged voice.  A regular boy with a strong presence and an honest actor.  Carries the show.
JEAN SHEPHERD – Ralphie’s older, wiser alter ego. Functions as the narrator and occasionally steps out to assume the roles of various townspeople.  Charming and warm. An excellent storyteller.  45-55 MOTHER – Ralphie’s Mother. Patient  and warm but with firm conviction. It takes a lot to ruffle her feathers. 35-50. Belt and soprano.
THE OLD MAN – Ralphie’s Father. The Parker family’s beleaguered patriarch. Grumpy, good-hearted with a penchant for the highly original invective and a deeply held desire to be a winner. 35-50. High Baritone.
RANDY – Ralphie’s younger, smaller brother. Cute and off beat but a serious headache. 6-9. Also must sing with an unchanged voice.
SCHWARTZ – One of Ralphie’s two best friends. A scapegoat. 8-13.
FLICK - One of Ralphie’s two best friends. A guinea pig. 8-13.
SCUT FARKAS – The schoolyard bully who routinely torments Ralphie and friends. 8-13. No taller than 5 feet.
MISS SHIELDS – Ralphie’s Teacher.  Sassy and fun. Not stereotypically uptight. 30-45 A belter.
HELEN – Ralphie’s classmate. A child prodigy. 8-13.
ESTHER - Ralphie’s classmate with a  particular interest in Ralphie. 8-13.
ENSEMBLE - folk from Ralphie’s past. Men and Women - early 20’s -  50’s . Strong singer/ actors with bright contemporary voices to play a multitude of roles including Santa, fathers, mothers, neighbors, delivery people and elves.  Understudies will come from the ensemble. Must also be strong movers. Seeking all ethnicities.
CHILDREN’S ENSEMBLE – kids from Ralphie’s past. Boys and Girls – ages 6 – 13 with unchanged voices to play children in Ralphie’s neighbor hood and school. Understudies will come from the ensemble. Movement and Tap skill a plus.

Sid Jacobson Community Players auditions for The Sound of Music on Sept 29 or Oct 6, 8-10pm at Sid Jacobson JCC, 300 Forest Dr, Roslyn. Callbacks TBA. Directed by Rich Buckley, Music Directed by Steve Belfer, Choreographed by Lisbeth Wolgel. Performances are Jan 31, Feb 1, 7, 8. Come prepared to sing from classic musical theatre repertoire. For more info, contact Susan Kalman, producer- 516-484-1545, ext. 110, skalman@sjjcc.org
All Roles Open (except Maria):
Captain von Trapp-male baritone, 40-60 years
Mother Abbess- female soprano, 40-70 years
Max Detweiler- male baritone, 30-55 years
Elsa Schrader-female alto, 30-40 years
Rolf Gruber- male baritone, 16-20 years
Liesl- female mezzo, 15-18 years
Friedrich- male, 13-15 years
Louisa- female,12-14 years
Kurt- male, 8-12 years
Brigitta- female, 8-10 years
Marta-female, 6-9 years
Gretl-female, 5-7 years
Sister Berthe- female mezzo
Sister Sophia- female mezzo
Sister Margaretta- female mezzo
Herr Zeller-spoken
Admiral von Shreiber

The Gilbert and Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island auditions for Gayden Wren's A Gilbert & Sullivan Christmas Carol on Tues, Sept 30 for adults and Thurs, Oct 2 for children. Rehearsals are on Tues and Thurs nights at the Chatterton School in Merrick at 8pm. For more info, visit our website atwww.gilbertandsullivanli.com

Cultural Arts Playhouse, 625 Old Country Rd, Plainview auditions for mainstage Sound of Music, male roles in Fiddler on the Roof, and for Little Shop of Horrors on Tues, Oct 14 at 7pm.

Star Playhouse auditions for 12 Angry Men on Sun, Oct 19 and Mon, Oct 20 at 7:30PM, with callbacks on Wed, Oct 22 @ 7:30PM. Show dates are Sat: Jan 10 and 24; Sun: Jan 11, 18 and 25. There are 13 men in the cast, ages 21 and up. All roles are open. If you have any questions, contact J. Timothy Conlon - Director at 631-940-2005, or Cooky and Lenny Klein - Co-Producers at 631-667-7427.

CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale auditions for BRING IT ON The Musical on Mon and Tues, Oct 20 and 21 at 7:30PM. Prepare 16 bars of music and be prepared to read and move. 631-218-2810.  Director, Patrick Grossman / Music Director, John Farrel / Choreographer, Patrick Grossman / Stage Mgr, Karen Tese. Roles:
Campbell – Female 18-30 Caucasian
Danielle – Female 18-30 All Ethnicities
Randall – Male 18-30 All Ethnicities
Eva – Female 18-30  Caucasian
Bridget – Female 18-30 All Ethnicities
Nautica – Female 18-30 All Ethnicities
La Cienega – Males & Females 18-30 All Ethnicities
Cameron – Male 18-30 African American, Hispanic
Steven – Male 18 - 30 Caucasian
Kylar – Female 18-30 All Ethnicities
Skylar – Female 18 -30 Caucasian
Twig – Male 18-30 All Ethnicities
Dancers/cheerleaders - Male and Female  18 - 30  All Ethnicities
Two squads. Two schools. One mission: claim the title at the National Cheerleading Championships. The high-stakes world of competitive cheerleading meets the cutthroat rivalries of high school politics and romance in this bold and explosive new musical comedy. How do you learn to be true to your team and to yourself? Sometimes it's got to get ugly before it gets pretty. Game on!

Theatre By The Bay auditions for The Sound Of Music on Tues, Nov 4 & Wed, Nov 5 at 7PM at Bay Terrace Garden Jewish Center, 13-00 209th St, Bayside 11360. We need Men, Women, Teens, Children. There are numerous acting, singing, dance roles. Rehearsals begin in Dec. Performances set for first three wknds of March. Director:Lawrence F. Bloom, Musical Director:Alan Baboff, Choreographer:Chery Manniello
For add'l info visit: TheatreByTheBayNY.com or call (718) 428-6363

CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale auditions for HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING on Mon and Tues, Dec 15 and 16 at 8pm. Prepare 16 bars of music and be prepared to read and move. 631-218-2810.  Director Danny Amy / Music Director Matt Surico / Choreographer Jen Amy / Stage Mgr Barbara Tiernan. Roles:
J. Pierrepont Finch tenor 18 – 30 lead
Rosemary mezzo 18 – 30 lead
J.B. Biggley baritone 50 – 70 supporting
Smitty mezzo 25 – 35 supporting
Frump baritone 18 – 30 supporting
Miss Jones soprano 45 – 75 supporting
Mr. Twimble  baritone 50 – 80 supporting
Hedy LaRue mezzo 21 – 35 supporting
Gatch  spoken 30 – 60 cameo
Bratt baritone 30 – 50 cameo
Miss Krumholtz mezzo 30 – 65 cameo
Ovington spoken 35 – 65 cameo
Wally Womper baritone 55 – 90 cameo
Executives & Secretaries 19 – 70 chorus
The hero is a window washer named J. Pierrepont Finch. After Finch happens upon a book entitled 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying', he decides to begin his rise up the corporate ladder. Following the instructions of the book, Finch lands a job in the mailroom at the World Wide Wicket Company. With the help of his handy book, Finch quickly gains promotions and outsmarts his rival, Frump - who also happens to be the boss's nephew. Finch then gains the love of Rosemary, a secretary at the company. In the end, however, after Finch's ad campaign goes awry, the book can no longer help him. He is forced to rely on his own wits overcome the odds!

(starting with the most recently received)

SONGS FOR A CURE, an annual musical revue to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, seeks additional SINGERS and DANCERS for solos, duets, and company numbers in our fall production. All proceeds go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in loving memory of Rob Bjornson and 8-year-old Delaney Brown. We welcome children (ages 7 and up), teenagers, and adult performers who want to join in the fight against blood cancer! Performances are Fri, Nov 21, Sat, Nov 22 and Sun, Nov 23 at Wisdom Lane Middle School in Levittown. Email songsforacure@gmail.com for further info - rehearsals starting soon - and visit our website at www.songsforacure.com

Community Reform Temple of Westbury is seeking musical acts for its annual Coffee House Fundraiser on Sat, Nov 8. Pay is minimal (as in none) but the audience is enthusiastic and karma is good. Acts should be appropriate for a coffee house like setting. If interested, call David Rosenberg at 516-334-6636.

Arena Players Repertory Theatre is casting two roles in Ira Levin's Veronica's RoomContact Fred DeFeis, Director, at 516-293-0674Headshot and resume may be sent to arenaplayersrep@aol.com
Susan / Veronica, young woman in her 20's
Larry - male role in his late 20's

Seeking 2 outgoing and animated males or females (or one of each) to perform as Hopi Clown Kachinas during a community fire ceremony on Fri, Oct 25 at 5pm. Will pay. Total time needed is approx 2 hrs.  The ceremony will be part of Patchogue's PACMAC, an arts, music and cinema festival. Contact artist Tina Folks for more info: tina.folks@gmail.com or call 631-566-0568

Casting adult male and female dancers to perform live in the Party Scene of the Adjkun Ballet Theatre’s production of Nutcracker, Dec 2014. Choreographer: Martha Merideth. Rehearsals will be held 31 Ira Rd, Syosset. There will be 8 performances at Manhattan theatre venues and 2 performances in New Rochelle. Call (516) 921-2912 for private interview and tryout.


Maggie's Little Theater is interviewing for DIRECTOR and CHOREOGRAPHER for Lucky Stiff. Performances April 11, 12, 17, 18 & 19, 2015. Send resume to maggieslittletheater@gmail.com.

Oceanside Library is seeking directors to participate in a script-in-hand reading program at the Library. Starting in Feb, we will present monthly performances using a rotation of directors. Material may be anything from an evening of 10 minute plays to contemporary plays, yet-produced plays, movie scripts, etc. The Library will provide funding for licenses and scripts. For more info, contact Tony Iovino aiovino@oceansidelibrary.com

Are you energetic, outgoing, responsible, and fun? We are looking for guitarists, piano players, drummers and vocalists to be a part of our Rockin' Railroad band. As a member of this 4-piece band, you would be performing and leading 45 minute music classes for children 6 months to 6 years old. It's a fun and happy time for all involved. For a sampling of a Rockin' Railroad class tune check out: YouTube: Kidville's Rockin' Railroad: Grandma's Magic Mailbox Song.  All candidates should be fast learners, team players, and hard workers - with a good sense of humor and ability to interact with children and adults in a classroom setting. You can expect competitive pay, tons of fun, flexible daytime hours, and incredible opportunities! If you might enjoy working with children 4 months - 5 years, we would love to meet you! High energy, up-beat applicants only.
• Knowledge of multiple styles of music is preferred.
• Must be able to learn material by listening to MP3s.
• Theater background and/or experience performing in a band is a plus.
• Experience teaching and/or working with young children preferred.
• Must have experience with the Internet.
• Must be fluent in English.
• Must provide documentation of legal U.S. residency.
In addition to the above qualifications, individual qualifications are specified below:
• Vocalist - Must be comfortable singing multiple genres of music.
• Guitarist - Must play guitar and sing well and have solid knowledge of fundamental chords.
• Pianist - Must be able to sight-read, follow sheet music, and learn material by listening to MP3s. Must have knowledge of and be able to play
  multiple styles of upbeat, improvisational music. Must have the ability to follow and improvise.
• Drummer - Must have knowledge of and be able to play multiple styles of upbeat, improvisational music for transitions between songs and
  activities by following pianist and guitarist. Must have the ability to follow and improvise.
Kidville operates upscale facilities catering to newborns through six-year-old children and their families. We offer a wide range of developmental classes including mommy and me, art, music, and gym classes, a 2s pre- pre-school alternative program, and birthday parties on the weekends. We are looking for energetic, outgoing, responsible and loving employees to work with toddlers in this fun environment!
Kidville is a team-oriented place where everyone is committed to providing a positive experience for families. The combination of a pleasant attitude, willingness to help others, and a commitment to Kidville's high standard of service are the foundation of a positive work environment.

John W. Engeman Theater is seeking a Wardrobe Assistant for their 2014-15 Season which is already underway. Wardrobe Assistant must have prior experience in dressing a quick change, alterations, and costume maintenance . Any wig training is also a plus.  Candidates must be able to facilitate quick changes during performances as well as handle minor alterations and repairs, laundry, pressing and steaming of costumes. Must possess quick problem solving skills, great organizational ability and must work well in a team environment.  Candidates must provide their own transportation to the theater in Northport and must be available for daytime and evening hours. Schedule will vary depending on the production. Submit resume and cover letter to lauren.paragallo@gmail.com. No phone calls.

Theatre Box of Floral Park - Come on kids!  Let's put on a show!
As theater is all about working together, there are lots of positions necessary to put on a successful show.  The following is a list of the positions and a brief description. If you are interested in becoming involved, even if you have no experience, email us to find out more.
Light Technician: Help create the mood of the shows, work the light board, and maybe even hang some lights
Sound Technician: Add that special something by giving the play depth, work the sound board and help the actors find that motivation
Back-Stage-Hands: Be behind the scenes, working with the Stage Manager to get those sets and props where they need to be
Stage Manager: Work closely with the director, attend every rehearsal, and be organized, organized, organized
Box Office: our first line to the public, you should be good with making change, and handling lines of people
Refreshments: our second line to the public, you should be personable, accommodating, and friendly
Contact us if you are interested in any of these volunteer jobs, and remember, you don't have to have any experience.  Contact us at theatreboxinfo@gmail.com, or find out more at www.theatrebox.org.

Playcrafters of Bellport
How would you like to be part of one of our productions? As theater is such a collaborative art, there are lots of critical tasks necessary to put on a successful show. You could be part of one of our productions.
Below is a list of the positions and a brief description of what they entail. If you are interested in becoming involved, even if you have no experience, give me a call. Let’s talk about it.
PRODUCER: If you are organized and are good at paying attention to details (and what mother or father isn't?), this is the title for you. The Producer coordinates all the other activities and keeps in touch with the director to make sure everything is proceeding smoothly.
COSTUMES: Do you have a sense of fashion and like to put clothes together? You would work with the Director to interpret each character’s role through what they are wearing. Being able to sew is a plus.
SET DESIGN & DECORATION: Do you like interior design and have a good sense of color? Are you an artist? By working with the Director, you would help decide what color the walls are, what kind of furniture is needed and generally create an environment.
SET CONSTRUCTION: Do you like to work with your hands and do "projects?" Do you like to work with wood or paint? We need you, whether you have tools or not.
LIGHTING: Do you want to learn something new? Lighting is the art of “painting” with light to create mood and texture for the play.
SOUND: You would be working with the Director to choose the music and sound effects needed to set the right mood for different parts of the play.
MAKE-UP: You would work with the actors to create the proper “look” they need for their characters.
PROPS: Are you the type of person who likes to go to yard sales or likes to search for odd pieces of “stuff?” You would help to find those perfect things that the actors use to make the play “real.”
STAGE MANAGER: Are you organized and like to work with people? The Stage Manager works closely with the Director and the actors to keep things flowing during rehearsals and the show.
If you are interested in any of these volunteer jobs, you don't have to have any experience. We will teach you by having you work with one of our experienced people. If you are not sure if this is for you, let’s talk. Call me. I can fill you in and answer questions. BOB KAPLAN, Member of the Board 631-929-3042 or mediamanbob1@gmail.com

Minstrel Players of Northport seeks crew for future productions. Rehearsals/Performances at Houghton Hall theatre at Trinity Episcopal Church, 130 Main St, Northport Village. Various duties in stage construction, painting, lighting, sound, props, front-of-house and backstage. Must be available most Sun afternoons for 2 months prior to performance dates, Mon and Tues eve for tech week and brush up. "Handy" a plus, will train anyone willing to learn the craft. Valuable community experience - students welcome. For more info, call 631-732-2926 or visit www.minstrelplayers.org or join us on Facebook.

Ever wanted to be a manager or big time agent and make money from other people's work? If so, then saddle up partners! The Murder For You Players of LI are looking for any "bookies" who can get us a show date at a firehouse, church, fraternal organization or almost
anywhere else on LI.  It's easy, too. Call Jake at 631-235-8741 anytime and ask for the details of the show.  If we get the gig, you will get 10% of the fee.  The bigger the gig, the bigger your 10%!  We will play fund-raisers, private parties or corporate events.
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