1. To bring the LI theater community closer.

2. To make this an open forum and network for all.

3. To edit out only nastiness, foul language, and extreme                          negativism.

4. To offer a venue for performers to share their thoughts,                        frustrations, triumphs, etc.

5. To provide fun and entertainment related to the industry.

6. To encourage readers to see shows and/or audition at                          "other" theaters.

7. To encourage readers to support their colleagues and LI                      theater.


1. Forward any news, audition notices, announcements in a                    timely way.  Please use spellcheck.

2. When you send in an announcement about something in which         you are appearing/directing/etc., please include the name of the        theater, the cast list (if it hasn't already been published), the                dates/ times of the performances, and a phone number where            readers can call for tickets, directions, etc.

3. Please send your name and birthday (year unnecessary) to Mary      Ellin Kurtz at so that we can announce        your special day along with those of the rich and famous.


1. I do not share email addresses.  If  you wish to contact someone,      I will forward your message to the party for him/her to respond          (or  not).
I hope to hear from all of you and remember, if you're not in a show - Please see one and support Long Island Theater.
Remember - if you want your theater/show listed on the web site/newsletter, please send me the info!